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Comment Re:But of course... (Score 3, Insightful) 455

They have no intention of making another Chrono sequel.

So what? That doesn't allow someone to take their non-free assets and do with it as they please.

The ROM hacking community is nearly all diehard fans. Pissing them off does not sound like a good way to do business.

And the ROM hacking community probably makes up a hugely small fraction of game buyers so I really doubt Square Enix could even care less.

This decision will certainly make me think twice before buying a Square-Enix game new.

I'm sure they are quaking in their boots over that.

Comment Re:Unfortunate (Score 1) 455

Here's six wildly popular games that were vastly improved by massive modding opportunities.

But that wasn't their claim. Their claim was that "A lot of great PC games were even more successful than they otherwise might have been because they opened themselves up to the mod community".

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