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Comment Re:What's the point of cloning a pet? (Score 1) 116

I'd just like to point that the Agent Smith example might not really relate to cloning, since he was the representation of a program on a very complex interface (the Matrix). We can't say for sure whether his clones were copies of the same program, or one program expanding - why wouldn't a program be able to control two entities at the same time?

Comment Re:For starters... (Score 1) 842

Sometimes it isn't about money, it's just about showing that you care. For example, I have this friend that has a complicated financial situation. When we go out with her, she tries to spend as little as possible, or even openly transfer the cost to people that she considers that have a better situation. But she spends more with her roommate. I don't really care about the money, but if you say that you can't go out because you need money, or expect me to foot most of the bill, and at the same time spend more with other people, I feel that my friendship is worth less.

Comment Re:We're a tech company... (Score 1) 247

If a Uber driver uses the GPS as I do he will driver either slowly or miss the correct turn because he didn't notice it was right over there. And cash register operators barely have to enter any numbers now, they just have to swipe the product in front of a laser and get as much money as the machine tells them to. And they still get that wrong from time to time.

Comment Re:We're a tech company... (Score 1) 247

A person with no GPS might get lost more often, but someone that has knowledge of the city and a GPS will be able to move around more efficiently and safely since he will not need to keep checking the map at every corner. And if want only to do one calculation right hiring a lot of extra high school dropouts will do no good.

Comment Re:We're a tech company... (Score 1) 247

You are still removing the freedom that someone has of not needing an insurance in their situation. A taxi driver needs insurance because the passenger can't depend on the driver for that, but a regular driver can decide if he thinks he can deal with the risk. Someone taking a ride with his friend should know his friend well enough to avail the risks himself.

I have been to places where driving blindly by GPS would lead to accidents or bad neighborhoods. Also, drivers that follow GPS blindly tend to be slower or to drive worse because their eyes are on the map most of the time instead of the road. I wouldn't discard city knowledge so quickly the same way I don't discard arithmetic. It's still good to know how calculations work because you might have mistyped that number and a basic knowledge would show that the result doesn't make sense.

Comment Re:We're a tech company... (Score 1) 247

This insurance system is broken if it needs the person at fault to have insurance. And what I meant as other requirement are things like knowledge tests which I have seen that are required in countries like England or Germany. I don't see why those countries should dump that requirement just because Uber has appeared, and I don't see why regular drivers should have to follow with them in other to be in the same category.

Comment Re: NSA? (Score 1) 114

I don't know how to convince the majority of the Americans of anything, but I think that maybe the discourse needs to be changed. I see anything that doesn't fit the Democratic/Republican mold being labeled as extremism, and I guess that doesn't help adoption.

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