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Open Source

+ - Liability when financing Open Source Development

Submitted by
Bubblehead writes "I am in the process of commercializing an open source project that I started. It's a platform for requirements engineering, targeting the automotive industry. The software is licensed via the EPL.

Here is my question: I am talking with a big company that is considering to co-fund the development (the open source part of it). Their biggest concern they have is liability: What if something goes wrong because of the software, resulting in damages? Could they be held liable, because they financed the project? We are aware that the EPL addresses this, so in theory, we should be safe. But are we safe in practice?

Ideally, I'd like to hear about precedents: IBM if funding Eclipse, RedHat is funding JBoss, etc. Did anybody ever try to press charges due to damages in such situations, and did they succeed or fail? How far did they get? Are there differences in different countries (USA vs. Europe)? Thanks!"

Comment: ...but you can't upload data! (Score 1) 258

by Bubblehead (#26446985) Attached to: Microsoft Tag, Smartphone-Scannable Barcodes

In Japan, QR Codes are not only used to download data (i.e. a link to a web page), but also to upload data. I.e. after playing a video game in an arcade, a QR Code is shown on the screen. Take a picture of it, and your high score will be uploaded to the game provider's server (to have a global high-score table for that game). That's not possible with MS tags, as they are just pointers, never carrying additional information.

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