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Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 294

"U.S. law requires that anyone seeking to influence American policy or public opinion on behalf of a foreign government must register

How can this possibly be compatible with the US Constitution? Anyone should be free to say whatever they want.

And they CAN say whatever they want. They just have to disclose that their purpose is to undermine the will of the people of the US.

Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score 1) 216

Quad copters are the 'slob enabled technology' (SET) version of model aircraft.
No skill barrier to entry, and a skill-barrier to entry does a lot to preclude reckless acts which can endanger the ability to carry out the activity.

Example: It takes skill to ride a dirt-bike, quads are the slob-enabled technology version of the activity.

Comment Re:This one only "crashed" (Score 1) 258

1. Do you know how rarely aircraft fly with live air to ground ordinance in US air space? Live fire practice is actually pretty rare and the bad PR of an F-16 fully loaded with bombs crashing into a shopping mall is very hight.

Actually, they do it all the time in the restricted airspace ranges.
The live-fire range at Ft. Drum is/was used by F-16s, A-10s, B-52s, Reapers, etc etc.

When the F16s flew out of Syracuse they would fly to Ft. Drum and load live armaments there.

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