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Comment: Re: trains vs. trucks (Score 1) 287

by Bryan Bytehead (#48214727) Attached to: Will the Google Car Turn Out To Be the Apple Newton of Automobiles?

I'm married to a fourth generation railroader. That is the only reason why I was at the presentation, being with my wife. ;)

I don't disagree about the economics and efficiency. I think the railroads have it in spades at this point. And yes, mismanagement has been a problem with railroads as well. John Snow was well criticized for his golden parachute when he took over the Treasury for Bush (II) here in CSX Town.

I do disagree about employee turnover. Some of those new drivers are not going to be as experienced as the drivers that they just replaced. I can't see a high turnover rate being anything but detrimental to trucking's efficiency.

Railroads have always been notoriously conservative, let alone risk averse. JIT manufacturing is not kind to railroads.

I do not see designated lanes for autonomous vehicles, commercial or personal. Our freeways are already bursting at the seams, and now when they talk about expanding lanes to handle traffic, they are moving to make those lanes toll lanes to pay for getting them built, certainly here in Florida. I don't see enough traffic from autonomous vehicles to justify that kind of expense. If anything, there is already an argument to be had to force semi trucks and trailers into their own lanes due to some of the accidents that have occurred. But no one actually expects that to happen. It truly becomes the chicken and the egg problem.

Railroads know they need to work better on their logistics. My wife works for a company that sells software to those railroads to do so. In some ways, I'm amazed that they aren't further along in their development, either the software company or the railroads themselves.

Comment: Cars will be the secondary market (Score 5, Interesting) 287

by Bryan Bytehead (#48208837) Attached to: Will the Google Car Turn Out To Be the Apple Newton of Automobiles?

The first vehicle with this technology is not going to be a personal car, or anything that resembles a personal car (like a taxi). It's going to be semi trucks with trailers.

From a conference I sat in on last week (dealing with railroads, not trucks themselves), the turnover rate for truck drivers is over 100% per year. This is considered a plus for the railroads. I say that this is a plus for autonomous trucks. They drive autonomously site to site, and then, a driver takes over to get them parked into the loading dock (most likely), the trucks manage to do this autonomously (maybe, but not the scenario I see winning out, not at the beginning), or the docks are redesigned to make it easy for the autonomous trucks to park them in loading position (what will happen once autonomous trucks are widely used).

Yes, I realize other changes will have to be made. Refueling will have to be done manually in the beginning. That may mean the truck stop hires a person or two, that then takes care of the autonomous trucks, and I'm sure the owners will gladly pay a bit of a premium to get their trucks fueled. At least until the automated fuel pumps for the trucks are in place, at existing or new truck stops.

I have zero doubt that my great grandchildren won't have to learn how to drive a vehicle. I have grandchildren, and yes, I expect that they will have to learn how to drive, the technology is moving that fast.


Comment: Use what you like. (Score 1) 277

by Bryan Bytehead (#47998727) Attached to: Phablet Reviews: Before and After the iPhone 6

This is (almost?) reminiscent of OS wars, laptop versus desktop versus tablet wars, and even portrait versus landscape wars.

My first true smartphone was an original Note. Yeah, I can be behind the times. I use both hands to use it. In fact, I used both hands when I used a flip phone. I use both hands when I use my son's iPhone. After the Note died, I now use the Moto G, which is one of the smaller phones out there. Guess what? I still use both hands.

I plan on getting the Note 4 or the Note Edge, just as soon as I can get both of them in my hands to check them out (and I know what the price of the Edge is going to be...).

If you must use your phone with one hand, then by all means, get a smaller phone, the phone that fits your hand and your use.

Phones the size of the Note fit my hands, and I'm rather used to the stylus as well, even if it didn't work with the Moto G. I've been happy with the Moto G, but I'm not liking the lack of some of the sensors and the lack of LTE, which I thought I could live without, has been something that has me wanting a new phone. So, a new Note will be in my future. The Edge intrigues me at the same time it screams that I probably won't use it anyway. But if the cost differential isn't that much, I'll go with it anyway.

So a big phone is what I'm going choose as my marketing choice.

Anybody else is free to make their own choice.

Comment: Re:And individual is not going to own a Google car (Score 2) 289

by Bryan Bytehead (#47792805) Attached to: Hidden Obstacles For Google's Self-Driving Cars

Gavagai80 has a true point of contention.

There does not need to be an infinite amount of cars driving around. In fact, we probably don't need the number of cars that we have right now if we converted a large number of them to selfdriving.

If I could call a car to pick me up and take me somewhere at a price that matches my car payment per month, it's a total win. No fuel costs, no insurance costs, no maintenance costs.

Comment: And individual is not going to own a Google car (Score 1) 289

by Bryan Bytehead (#47792241) Attached to: Hidden Obstacles For Google's Self-Driving Cars

There really is not going to be a need for an individual to own a Google car. You will have an app on your phone that you will schedule a car for when you leave, and if you know when you are leaving, schedule that as well. Otherwise, when you have a better idea to return home or go to the next place, you then schedule that with your app. No maintenance to be involved in, no insurance to carry on it. There won't even be a need for parking, no need to even worry about handicapped parking, you will be left off at the place you indicate (and perhaps busy places will have to be modified for having people just dropped off at the door instead of walking through the parking lot), and it will go off and pick up it's next fare, or decide to go back to the garage to be cleaned/maintained/fueled. It will be the Uber/Lyft/cab company nightmare, because no drivers will be involved, just companies with their fleets of autodriving cars. The average individual will not own a car anymore, except perhaps for far rural areas where it would be impractical to be running a fleet of autodriving cars, and those that need a specialized vehicle like a pickup truck/towing vehicle for a trailer.

A selfdriving car changes the paradigm, at least for a large swath of Americans. It also won't change for some, either.

Comment: A pain but not a PITA (Score 1) 388

by Bryan Bytehead (#45933537) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do With Misdirected Email?

I've got a common enough name that hits one of my Gmail accounts. I reply ALL back, and tell them I'm not the person that they are looking for. Although for some issues, this doesn't work. Juniper Card Services. I've emailed, I've talked to them on the phone, I've marked them as spam. I was able to figure out one guy's real email (he was looking for a new car) who lived in Hong Kong. Another guy in West Virginia was sending me stuff about used cars, and the sender was pissed that I wasn't responding. I told him where I lived, NOT in WV, and that his emails were going to the wrong place. Frat brothers have sent me crap. I've gotten a ton of personal emails.

Luckily for me, I don't use this email address as my regular address. But if I did, I would be doing password resets just to lock those jokers out of their accounts.

And I have deja vu, didn't we discuss this previously on /.?

Comment: What some call malware (Score 1) 149

by Bryan Bytehead (#45757549) Attached to: Microsoft Security Essentials Misses 39% of Malware

others call a utility.

MSE doesn't give a damn about Produkey. Every other antivirus I've ran wants to erase it.

I have a program called, which was a disk defragmenter for MS-DOS, working only on FAT formatted disks. I have used it hundreds of times for years back in the days of dial-up 2400bps BBS. Now, everybody screams that it's some kind of virus. The damn file predates the Morris worm, and you're telling me that it's a virus, the VFAT virus?

Another program, pskill seems to be on most other antivirus lists. I think it got corrected, but I remember when mIRC was considered a virus because somebody was using it (surreptitiously) for command and control.

Comment: There are ads on Sourceforge? (Score 1) 336

Who knew?

Ad Block Plus FTW!

Installers that install much more than what I asked for, on the other hand...

Speaking of bittorrent, I updated Utorrent recently and found out that it really wanted to install Search Protection.

No thanks!

Not that utorrent can't seem to remember where it installed itself last time, (didn't it used to be truly portable???!), but to be installing crap like that without even asking?

Comment: My great grandchildren... (Score 1) 662

by Bryan Bytehead (#44649251) Attached to: Concern Mounts Over Self-Driving Cars Taking Away Freedom

will most likely never learn to drive.

Fuck freedom.

Look at why we are now required to wear seatbelts despite the fact that air bags are the better reason why we don't get hurt in accidents as much as we used to. The 55 speed limit was all about saving oil. Now the speed limits are all about the safety.

It's all about the safety.

Comment: WTF? (Score 1) 124

Flash works. No Script works. Adblock Plus works.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:22.0) Gecko/20130329 Firefox/22.0 ID:20130329030904 CSet: 8693d1d4c86d

Now, if you want to crash 64-bit Nightly, this is the way to do it.

Keep scrolling. And it's nice that the crash reports are null and invalid.

Comment: Re:I have a Galaxy Note (Score 1) 320

by Bryan Bytehead (#43041773) Attached to: Smartphone Screen Real Estate: How Big Is Big Enough?

4) can you dial easily with one hand?
5) does it fit in your pants pocket comfortably?

On #4, I use my Note two handed. Which isn't that big a deal. I use Swype, so I'm not tapping out individual keys, and I would still have trouble using Swype with a smaller phone, as my digits aren't wired that way to hold and try to Swype with my thumb. And the previous device I used, a Palm TX, was certainly used two handed, so I really don't have an issue of using it two handed. Even my daughter's GS 2, I have to use two handed, and that's a fairly small phone.

On #5, it fits in all of my pants pockets comfortably, at least the front ones. I'd probably break the Gorilla Glass front if I kept it in any of my back pockets. I tend to break the unbreakable combs somehow, already.

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