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Comment You dont really need the year off, but... (Score 1) 418

That first year your kid is likely to catch all kinds of colds especially as you introduce them to daycare or their older siblings bring back crap from school. I think all of us parents would of loved the ability to be able to either work from home with the sick child or be able to take those days off without loss of income.

Comment Re:Or... just hear me out here... (Score 3, Informative) 1197

Shotgun shot is harmless when falling out of the sky after distance takes the speed down. I've been rained on by shot duck hunting from guns across a lake.

Were talking 12+ guage and not buckshot people. The small stuff just gets slowed down too much to do any real damage after a few hundred yards. Might get in your eye though that would suck.

Comment Supports Stateless Autoconfiguration (Score 1) 287

I would suspect that stateless Auto configuration works on the phones. As long as it was passed along by the routers it would work just fine.

However that being said ARIN is at 0.07% left of IPv4 space as of a few days ago and likely less after this week. Estimates in July the ARIN free pool will be empty and you'll be leasing IPv4 ip's for a lot more and not own your IP's for quite awhile so it is in everyone's interests to push adoption of IPv6. Google's decision to make sure the phones are compatible as much as possible shoots this into the foot.

However Verizon and AT&T and others are not getting more IPv4 ip's so they'll make sure IPv6 works on the phones.

Comment It would never make any sense (Score 2) 244

For many the TV you buy is a complicated matter, and for many others there's going to be price issues. An Apple built TV would just be super expensive and Apple would have to quit making the AppleTV so people would be forced to buy their Apple built TV.

That would never make any sense. The AppleTV is a gateway to iTunes movies and rentals, and all those people who purchased content on them would go ballistic if they were suddenly told they have to buy a Apple built TV if they wanted to continue to watch their purchased content on a TV.

Apple can make a difference in DVR's and a over the top tv service, and that should be their focus in this space.

Comment Re: Markets, not people (Score 1) 615

Standard oil also bought up every trolley system in the U.S. and had them burned and put out of business. Also when methanol became a popular fuel over gas SO got the government to ban it via prohibition. It was never the church that banned alcohol, it was a monopolist.

We have two paths before us. We can use robots to turn the earth into a cruise ship or we can let capitalists use robots to keep us in concentration camps once were no longer needed.

Comment Laws of Physics were written before dark matter (Score 1) 416

Problem we have here is that we do not understand how dark matter interacts with the universe as a whole. It could be possible we have found a device that can propel itself via an interaction however weakly with dark matter.

Still fast travel means you have to develop deflectors or some way to know what's in front of you in time to maneuver away from it.

Also, at light speeds passing a massive object might liquidate organic beings. Need to be able to negate gravity.


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