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Journal: Ask Slashdot: 4Gb of RAM and now what? 1

Journal by Bright Apollo

I recently got my corp laptop refreshed with a Core Duo (not a Core 2, so no 64-bit goodness for me yet) and Win XP Pro. I also snuck a 4Gb RAM upgrade in there and it went through.

Unfortunately, Windows only sees 3Gb of it. Now, I do intend to run Ubuntu or SUSE on it as well, but my corp has some Win-only apps for which I need access (not the least of which is Outlook for Exchange Mail, and we live and die on Exchange so don't even suggest pulling up the email infrastructure of a $10b company). Is there any way I can utilize the other 1Gb of RAM on this machine if booted into Windows? What about VMWare (maybe running WinXP and Linux side-by-side)?

Finally, any good resources or pointers out there for optimizing a system to really leverage all this RAM?


Journal: jtrac is pretty neat

Journal by Bright Apollo

I needed a really quick and easy issue tracker for an internal project. I looked at the issue tracker that MySQL uses, but it requires MySQL. No thanks, we have Oracle internally and I'd rather not going through the trouble of installing more s/w than I need.

JTrac can be dropped right into a running Tomcat 5.5 server, and you're running in ten minutes. I'll probably end up moving some of the existing spaces to discrete ones (the docs explain spaces), but overall it's a recommended product. It doesn't try to do too much but it does more than you'd think, especially workflow. I love easy workflow.


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