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Comment: Re:Hopefully a simple question (Score 1) 91

by BrentNewland (#45148199) Attached to: 35,000 vBulletin Sites Have Already Been Exploited By Week Old Hole
If the software is properly written, it will take care of the permissions. It's trivial to make a PHP script that checks the permissions on each folder and file in the program, and change them if they aren't right. You can even have the script fall back to FTP if PHP doesn't have permission to change permissions.

Comment: What a waste of money (Score 1) 274

Using Kinect? Good god, how expensive.

With that much money (which is just for the checkout lanes), I bet they could:
-Put RFID tags in all their value cards
-Put RFID readers on all the shelves and aisles

When they require their suppliers to put RFID stickers on all their products, they can now monitor all their inventory in real time. They can track merchandise for shrink purposes. They can track where their shoppers go, where they stop, what merchandise they handle. Combine that information with their purchasing information from the value card and I'm sure you could do all kinds of targeted advertising.

Want to actually display targeted advertising in the store? Put it in the shopping carts. Not the baskets, not the shelves. Carts to encourage more purchases. Any ads displayed on the cart automatically apply at checkout. Heck, now that you have screens built into the carts, and the cart knows the content of the cart, you can show the shopper a running estimated subtotal with tax and coupons.

Plus it opens you up scan-free checkout. Basket reports to the register what's in it, cashier verifies, done.

Comment: Re:Amazing idea (Score 1) 732

by BrentNewland (#44735733) Attached to: EU Proposes To Fit Cars With Speed Limiters
Maybe instead of braking (which is dangerous) and turning the engine off (which doesn't make any sense), temporarily lowering the voltage to the fuel pump (to reduce flow) would be better. There aren't any strange forces being applied to your car, your engine stays running, and your speed is forced down.

Comment: Re:rule #1 (Score 2) 85

by BrentNewland (#44323639) Attached to: Comcast May Put Wi-Fi Transceivers On Cars, Buses, Humans

Remember this is part of a bigger proposal, that if you allow your Comcast connection to be used by others, you in turn will get to use any Comcast access point.

Not quite. I had a chance to see the internal Comcast documentation on this once. You won't have a choice, if you have one of their wireless gateways, it will eventually be turned on for you and you can't turn it off. However, the XFinity wifi network is completely separate from your network, so unless someone finds a flaw in the firmware it should be secure. And, your network gets higher priority, and any data usage by a wifi customer doesn't count against the download speed you pay for (if you pay for 30mb down you can get the full 30mb down while another customer uses the wifi).

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