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Comment: Re:And who will be pushing the accelerator (Score 2) 387

by BreakBad (#47211021) Attached to: Geothermal Heat Contributing To West Antarctic Ice Sheet Melting

Indeed. But nobody ever wants to talk about population. If simply 'curbing' CO2 is so hard, wouldn't it be easier to just have one big ass war? Sure it would be messy at first, but the long term benefits of nixing a few trillion people would be worth considering.

Comment: Re:Start with the software developers and type saf (Score 1) 169

by BreakBad (#46817775) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Can We Create a Culture of Secure Behavior?

I used the same approach my requiring my users tattoo their passwords on their foreheads. Eventually my user base dropped to almost zero...but for those who stayed I did see an interesting trend. Passwords like %uS*32Ldi# started prevailing because passwords like wafflebunny make for an embarrassing tattoo.

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