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Comment: Re:Maintainable... (Score 1) 247

by BreakBad (#49180317) Attached to: Study: Refactoring Doesn't Improve Code Quality

Once upon a time inherited a project where every time it had to access the database, it created a new connection object, rather than using an existing session. It was horribly slow, and prone to crash, and difficult to maintain. I re-factored by simply implementing the singleton pattern on the class and removing redundant instantiations. Now the application is faster, utilizes less resources, and is easier to maintain. WTF is the article smoking?


According to the Fowler’s definition (Fowler, 2000), refactoring is the change made to the internal structure of the software system by removing bad smells or problematic places in the source code.....


Comment: Re:Jail time (Score 1) 538

Because you do not like her.

Do I? Or don't I? How would you know by my statement? I don't care who it is. If someone as high ranking as that, and potential future POTUS, is conducting all business on their yahoo account, we should raise an eyebrow or three.

Is there really any security in politics???

If only Nixon would have used that line at Watergate.

If a thing's worth having, it's worth cheating for. -- W.C. Fields