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Jailing non-violent people is idiotic.

Ever experienced a severe, life ruining case of identity theft? Medical company goes out of business, throws away all records, criminals obtain records and assume identities of past patients, and victims spends many years fighting off all kinds of fradulent activity. But the entire system is broken with no fix in sight, and the criminals know this and continue their activities, especially when there is no actual jail time to worry about.

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Image title text, "A laptop battery contains roughly the stored energy of a hand grenade, and if shorted it ..." Makes me wonder why a terrorist doesn't attempt blowing up a plane by collecting all electronic device batteries and making some kind of fire or explosion out of them. Probably because when passengers get asked for their devices they will fight back.

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When testing my residential with SpeakEasy, to see if Gargoyle affected it, I received slightly over the advertised PowerBoost speeds. I've lived and worked in parts of Chula Vista and South San Diego, and vendor availability is based on where you live/work. Where I live now I can't get TimeWarner, but a past neighbor had Verizon FiOS for a while, which would be the only other wired option. Cox advertisements are based how fast it is, with little or no mention of limits.

Now that I've thought about it more, and read more comments, they could charge a low connection fee, say $10-$25 depending on pipe size, and then some fee per unit of use, like $2 per 10 GB, or something like that, where it's usage based, and charge extra for email or online storage. That crazy idea I heard about everyone leaving their wireless unsecured is never going to happen. At 80 GB a day the OP would have received a large bill.

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I recently updated my router with Gargoyle to monitor usage because I received an email stating that I exceeded my plan limit. (Updated 11/18/13)
Starter 50 GB at 1 Mbps down, 384 Kbps up for $32.99 -
Essential 100 GB at 5/1 for $47.99 -
Preferred 250 GB at 25/5 for $61.99 -
Premier 300 GB at 50/10 for $73.99 -
Ultimate 400 GB at 100 Mbps down, 20 Mbps up for $99.99 -
Discounted prices available for new customers or bundled services. Faster speeds help reach the limit quicker. A while back they stopped offering web site space and turned off the Usenet/Newsgroup servers, but now they offer online storage space. I guess limits were introduced because some users were hogging all the bandwidth and making a bad experience for other users. It might also have something to do with the rise of online video, like Netflix, which competes with their OnDemand service. It's good that they notify customers, for cases of neighbors using open or hacked wifi, or some kind of malware, or Fire TV screen saver bugs. "Very few customers - up to 5% - exceed their data plans in any given month."
Electricity and water here are also priced by tier usage.

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The only drought proof source of water in California is the Pacific Ocean. Build large scale solar or nuclear plants in the desert, send power to shorline or offshore desalination plants, and pipe the water back. This combined with treating sewage water dumped into the ocean is the way of the future. Some states and countries are already doing one or both, but it has to be done at a higher level of government, not each individual water entity. I started getting similar "average usage" reports a couple of months ago from SDGE, probably for the same reason.

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Incredibly annoying and too bright, which is obvious when viewed within a group of cars with "normal" headlights. Also seems popular on a few (not all) lowered Japanese cars with big mufflers and SUVs with shiny rims. Maybe it's a local thing, but near the southern California border there are lots of Baja vehicles lifted just enough in the front to place their bright, white headlights directly into your eyes. Sometimes they have similar lights on the back, so they can get you in two directions.

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Exactly, and not even intentionally. I attended an evening event in a suit and afterwards went to meet my wife at a casino. I ordered some food to take back to the bingo hall and was surprised at how cheap it was for the food and drink I ordered. At the time I just thought they had great prices for players, but later when I was eating I looked closer at the receipt and noticed a very nice employee disount. I didn't say I worked there and wasn't wearing any kind of badge. I guess they took a look at this tall guy in a suit with short hair and assumed he was a pit manager or something, instant discount without even asking.

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