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Comment: Re:Public is Public (Score 1) 220

by BoothbyTCD (#39417579) Attached to: Boycott of Elsevier Exceeds 8000 Researchers

I would hasten to add that the researchers by and large would be happy to have their research disseminated as widely as possible. This is shown by the fact that in my experience researchers will happily send you a preprint of finished paper if you email them. It is just how things are done. The barrier to dissemination here is the for-profit publishers.

Comment: Re:Switched back to Windows from Linux/OSX (Score 1) 1880

by BoothbyTCD (#38032494) Attached to: What's Keeping You On Windows?

This is simply untrue, certainly with windows 7, and really also with XP for my last several years of using it. I suppose you could say I spent 10 hours a year installing drivers and whatnot in XP, but even that is not an issue for 7. Literally my only problem since installing Win7 has been a bad stick of RAM. Other then that I haven't had to do much of anything other then agree to let various things update now and then.

Comment: Re:Yes if there are no jobs (Score 1) 391

by BoothbyTCD (#34617034) Attached to: Is Going To an Elite College Worth the Cost?

While I suspect you are picking a school at random to make fun of Kansas, as someone who spent a summer in the KSU physics dept. doing research as an undergrad I feel compelled to defend them. I suppose you have a point if you are talking about MBAs or comunication majors or some other low form of life, but in the sciences state schools, and KSU in the physics department specifically, due lots of cutting edge science and offer outstanding opportunities for students. KSU for instance is home the the JR McDonald National Accelerator Laboratory, and there were a great many undergrads working there alongside the graduate students.

Comment: Re:Wisdom of the crowd. (Score 1) 507

by BoothbyTCD (#32756796) Attached to: Fark Creator Slams 'the Wisdom of Crowds'

While you are correct that is was well known that the world was round amongst educated people and sailors, I think that if you asked the vast majority of random people what shape the earth was 500 years ago they would have answered flat. The whole point of that scene is that while there exist at any time intelligent and/or educated people as individuals 'people' taken as a mass are nowhere near as educated or able to swiftly change worldview based on even readily apparent facts.

Comment: Re:Textbook Publishers (Score 1) 208

by BoothbyTCD (#32578452) Attached to: E-Reserves Under Fire From Publishers

The only time this came up in undergrad for me, it was with a math professor of mine, and she really did write the best book in the field. When I later took another class from her, she was writing a book for that too and just gave everyone in the class preprint manuscripts. I think the scenario of the evil professor assigning their own expensive crappy book and cackling is pretty much a made up one.

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