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Comment: Re:Container ships (Score 1) 491

by BoogieChile (#47868253) Attached to: To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars
> The 15-30 largest container ships in the world (depending on who's estimates you're using) produce more pollution than all the cars combined. ...and one volcano puts out more CO2 than all of the world's industry combined...and turning on a fluorescent light burns more electricity than it does leaving it on for four hours.... Why do people keep falling for this? Do they have no concept of the numbers involved, or does people's brains just break down when faced with differences of more than two orders of magnitude?

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Well, speaking of caffeine, there was a story on the news last Friday about caffeine powder making its way into the market and onto the radar by way of some overdoses. The powder comes out in a packet which advises the recommended dose: 1/16th of a teaspoon, which makes it very easy to overdose on, especially if measured out with common household implements.

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