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Comment Such flaw. Much fallacious. Wow. (Score 1) 414

Damn, that's some seriously flawed arguing you've got going there.

Escape route for the 1%. Closely followed by an illustration of the advances made towards expanding the target market "beyond the Forbes 400" and examples of families selling everything they own to move to the new world.

Question: How many Jay-Z's are going to be wanting to do that, really? Leave all the money, power, luxury behind for a precarious, spartan existence on a hostile planet billions of miles from the nearest private airport lounge?

Next: Movies, no matter how hit they are, are really, really not a reliable source for predicting the viability of anything in the real world. Doesn't matter how much attention they paid to the science advisor. If they were, they would be called documentaries and they would be show on PBS.

Third: 18th Century Holland, Spain, Portugal, France and England were not nice places to live for any of the people leaving them. That's why they left. Religious and political persecution of pretty horrific levels were the order of the day. Besides which, if the place was so nice, why were people so keen to leave?

Finally: For all these rich and powerful that are going to leave it all behind to go and attempt to survive spartan, tenuous existence on a hostile planet, who is going to be fixing their toilets? Jay-Z? At least some of the people who do the actual work are going to have to go with them.

Finally finally: If all the Trumps, Biebers, Shkrelis, Madoffs et al could all be convinced to bugger off somewhere else...sounds good to me!

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