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Operating Systems

+ - Linux Number Plate For Auction on EBay->

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Bonzodog01 writes: "The Linux users among you who've been putting aside all the lovely cash you've saved by not shelling out for the Satanic Software of Redmond(TM) might like to consider blowing it on the ultimate open source boy racer accessory: the one and only L1NUX number plate. This number plate is for the UK, and the reserve has still not been met."
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+ - BBC iPlayer Letter Writing Campaign->

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AlexanderHanff writes: "Today I launched a Public Letter Writing Campaign in response to the BBC's decision to limit their new "On Demand" service called iPlayer to Microsoft Windows. Many will think why is this an issue? Well the BBC is funded by a compulsory TV License Fee payable by all British people who own a television. By excluding everyone who does not use Window XP SP2, they have exculded hundreds of thousands of British TV License holders, the same segment of the public provide revenues of 10s of millions (GBP) each year to the BBC through their TV License Fees. The BBC have a public mandate to provide services which give "Value to licence fee payers as individuals, Value to society as a whole through its contribution to the BBC's Public Purposes and Value for money and cost", they have failed in all 3 of these mandates with the iPlayer service. The aim of the campaign is to send more than 10 000 letters to 4 different public bodies to match an official petition which is rapidly approaching 10 000 signatures."
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