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+ - Seed from ancient extinct plant planted and brought back to life

Submitted by schwit1
schwit1 (797399) writes "Israeli scientists have successfully gotten a 2000-year-old seed of an extinct date plant to grow and now reproduce.

Methuselah sprouted back in 2005, when agriculture expert Solowey germinated his antique seed. It had been pulled from the remains of Masada, an ancient fortification perched on a rock plateau in southern Israel, and at the time, no one could be sure that the plant would thrive. But he has, and his recent reproductive feat helps prove just how well he’s doing.

For a while, the Judean date palm was the sole representative of his kind: Methuselah’s variety was reportedly wiped out around 500 A.D. But Solowey has continued to grow date palms from ancient seeds discovered in the region, and she tells National Geographic that she is “trying to figure out how to plant an ancient date grove.” Doing so would allow researchers to better understand exactly what earlier peoples of the region were eating and how it tasted.


Comment: "not the best" (Score 1) 1

The OP left out key info....
Luckily for him, Sunday_Account had narrated his Craiglist and the seller guy in coffee shop episode to his colleagues back at the office. The lawyer believed him and cross checked with his colleagues. He also had PI track down the guy who had made the listing on Craiglist. It turned out that the guy who made the listing was a registered sex offender.

It took a month for all the charges against Sunday_Account to be dropped and his arrest record to be erased. The $250 lappy cost him $12,000 in legal bills for the entire fracas.

Sunday_Account made a post of his ordeal on TIFU subreddit where he advised fellow Redditors and other readers to “reformat the drive on any used computer you buy or eat bologna sandwiches with retards in jail.” [emphasis added]

Add the info, and it might be worth posting to /. -- however the clean up of a system you know nothing about is is common sense (perhaps worth retelling). As posted, it is little more than a Fox News bit.

+ - Jupiter destroyed 'super-Earths' in our early solar system->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "If Jupiter and Saturn hadn’t formed where they did—and at the sizes they did—as the disk of dust and gas around our sun coalesced, then our solar system would be a very different and possibly more hostile place, new research suggests. Computer models reveal that in the solar system’s first 3 million years or so, gravitational interactions with Jupiter, Saturn, and the gas in the protoplanetary disk would have driven super-Earth–sized planets closer to the sun and into increasingly elliptical orbits. In such paths, a cascade of collisions would have blasted any orbs present there into ever smaller bits, which in turn would have been slowed by the interplanetary equivalent of atmospheric drag and eventually plunged into the sun. As Jupiter retreated from its closest approach to the sun, it left behind the mostly rocky remnants that later coalesced into our solar system’s inner planets, including Earth."
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+ - Southern California Edison Lays off 500 workers- replaces with H1B Visa workers.->

Submitted by Maxo-Texas
Maxo-Texas (864189) writes "California Edison workers are being laid off and replaced with Infosys H1B visa workers. They will be required to train their Infosys replacements in order to receive their severance pay and they will be required to sign NDA's in order to receive their full payment.

This violates the premise of H1B visa's-- that the workers are needed to fill jobs for which employees cannot be found. The story is being widely reported on conservative talk radio as well so this event may actually bridge the political gap and bring about bipartisan corrections to the H1B programs

Full details:"

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+ - Ask Slashdot: Building a Home Media Center/Small Server in a Crawlspace 4

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I've decided it's time for me to build a separate machine specifically for use as a Media Center/Small Home Server.
My wife and I haven't had cable TV in years, instead relying entirely on Netflix, other streaming sites, and hard copies we've bought over the years. Having just finished ripping our entire media collection (CDs, DVDs, and even our Vinyls and VHS with the help of a capture card and some sweet digital voodoo) to a couple HDDs, I'm feeling froggy. Up until now we've been using WDTV Live, and it's been pretty snazzy, but I want to upgrade to a dedicated media machine instead of piggybacking off of my office computer. It'll be a Windows based machine utilizing Plex, and it's going in the crawlspace of the house.

The crawlspace in question is unfinished, but I do have a dry concrete slab down there where I can put/mount/assemble something. Cooling won't be an issue obviously, and I am keeping a close eye on hardware specs with regards to moisture. It is still a crawlspace though...

My Question(s) being:
* What would be a good setup to to house the hardware? Priorities being to safeguard against moisture, vermin, and dirt.
          — Modified PC Tower?
          — Rack?
          — Build an enclosure?
          — Something I haven't considered?

Please assume I'm stubborn and absolutely dead-set on putting it in the crawlspace to avoid the discussion devolving into the "best" place to put a media machine. Any advice or ideas are very much appreciated, Thank you /."

Comment: Re:I voted "+" ..... (Score 1) 4

by Bomarc (#49286049) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Building a Home Media Center/Small Server in a Crawlspace
P.S. ... to monitor water/temp might consider something like a "APC AP9340 -- Environmental Manager Sensor Monitor" (or something similar). This particular model has a built in network switch, and can connect to a remote alarm and {Warning} light. There are others (more "modern" versions available); based on your need/budged.

Comment: I voted "+" ..... (Score 1) 4

by Bomarc (#49285955) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Building a Home Media Center/Small Server in a Crawlspace
#1: this is a good question (topic), worthy of discussion -- if it is kept on topic.

#2: In case it doesn't make it... my thoughts:
You talk about a concrete slab. That would act as a great thermal break -- keeping the head down. Unfortunately, as noted -- water is a concern (pipes). I had a crawlspace that I opened to a basement. (Note: DO NOT do as I do, just buy a house with a basement if you need one). In my "Basement" is opened to the outside. I've had a couple servers down there for about 5 years, with no problems (located in Seattle, WA) with moisture. Dependent on humidity in your area, you millage will very. I would recommend a full on "server" - rack mount. You can get one for a decent price (eBay / craigslist) and if you spend a little extra, get one that still has support. Will full server... that would (potentially) include redundant everything. Run the OS with the manufactures diagnostic software, and if you have remote access (Dell DRAC for example) you can power the system up remotely. Raise the unit off the "floor" (vermin, water and the like). Floor thickness & insulation will impact chose of surround (white noise from the fans running). If the system is to loud for you, adding insulation (rocksol insulation wold be a good candidate). If vermin a concern, creating a custom "box" (with rocksol insulation) and a door / vents might be an option [Consider placing rat poison to keep those vermin that might attempt to enter at bay]. Might consider using this as a place to mount other appliances -- such as router, modem, net work switch -- for example. Make sure you can replace any wiring ... rats EAT the shielding on network (and TV) cable (First hand experience here -- they also eat the metal shielding on the @$%@ cables!).

+ - Drone operator caught flying between two news helicopters at above 1500 feet

Submitted by Bomarc
Bomarc (306716) writes "KIRO TV news in Seattle, WA is reporting an incident where a person was flying a drone above 1,500 feet, and near (between) two news helicopters. There is video footage of the drone and of the person flying his drone above and between the two news helicopters (reporting on a local fire). The 10 minute video includes clear images of the drone, the operator recovering it."

Comment: Re:"Illegal" drugs? (Score 1) 1081

by Bomarc (#49259057) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century
In court room....
Defense attorney: Did you test it for purity?
Cop/CSI: No
Defense attorney: Did you test to determine percentage of illegal substance?
Cop/CSI: No
Defense attorney: Can I borrow a bill from your wallet? (if necessary... Here, I'll let you keep one of mine.)
Defense attorney then runs water over bill into a small container. Then tests water for cocaine (80% chance that it will test positive)
Defense attorney: (several actions ... )
1. Move to suppress evidence as Cop/CSI is/has a (potential) conflict -- he has drugs on his person.
2. Move to suppress evidence as anyone including Cop/CSI has drugs on their person.
3. Move to suppress evidence as anyone including Cop/CSI has drugs on their person, as something as simple as a dollar bill from anyone can show drugs on their person, there must be a test or standard to show purity and quantity -- and show evidence that something other than contact with a dollar bill to needs be established before evidence can be entered. (this one is under the assumption of large distribution quantity)
....or any other such / similar action

Comment: "Illegal" drugs? (Score 1) 1081

by Bomarc (#49258469) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century
Not a big fan of execution (takes to long, cost to much, arbitrary application) ... however:
Why not use such drugs as cocaine, heroin and the like? There should be a good stock pile of it, they need to test the purity for trials, and when the when necessary dispose of it (the drugs). During the execution ... the perpetrator won't feel a thing ... and if they did, they wouldn't care about it.

+ - The Milky Way May be 50 Percent Bigger Than Thought-> 1

Submitted by astroengine
astroengine (1577233) writes "A ring-like filament of stars wrapping around the Milky Way may actually belong to the galaxy itself, rippling above and below the relatively flat galactic plane. If so, that would expand the size of the known galaxy by 50 percent and raise intriguing questions about what caused the waves of stars. Scientists used data collected by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey to reanalyze the brightness and distance of stars at the edge of the galaxy. They found that the fringe of the disk is puckered into ridges and grooves of stars, like corrugated cardboard. “It looks to me like maybe these patterns are following the spiral structure of the Milky Way, so they may be related,” astronomer Heidi Newberg, with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, told Discovery News."
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+ - Sugar industry shaped NIH agenda on dental research->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "The sugar industry convinced the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) that studies that might persuade people to cut back on sugary foods should not be part of a national plan to fight childhood tooth decay, a new study of historical documents argues. The authors say the industry’s activities, which occurred more than 40 years ago, are reminiscent of the tobacco companies’ efforts to minimize the risks of smoking."
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+ - Retro Overclocking: A Finnish overclocker pushes Celeron 300A to 721,17Mhz-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Celeron 300A was one of the most flexible processors of its time. Since then manufacturers have come a long way, but there was more to push when it comes to this beast from the from the late 90s. A Finnish overclocker, a founder of Muropaketti-forum, Sampsa Kurri broke what others have tried breaking multiple world records at the same time.

Mr. Kurri was able to reach astonishing 721,17Mhz using dry ice. The processor ran on ABit BE6-2 motherboard with 128mb of Mushkin High Performance Rev 3.0 memory. Windows XP was used as the operating system.

Even though, by today's standards, Celeron 300A might be obsolete, this overclock process and praparation was followed and read by thousands (as of 10th of March, the thread was read over 57000 times) proving the that there are still those of us who want to see how far we can be push the boundaries of technology.

Proof of results can be found from here:

Google translated article:

( a request to Sampsa Kurri to translate the original article has been submitted)"

Link to Original Source

"Text processing has made it possible to right-justify any idea, even one which cannot be justified on any other grounds." -- J. Finnegan, USC.