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Comment: Scale Down Constellation for LEO (Score 2, Interesting) 508

by BodhiCat (#31845390) Attached to: Neil Armstrong Criticizes Obama's Space Strategy

Maybe they could scale Constellation down to reach LEO (low earth orbit). Forget the moon, that is just going into another gravity well. it is not a "stepping stone" to mars, the asteroids, or the other planets.

The Soyuz spacecraft is based on a diving bell and was outdated almost as soon as it was built. It would be a shame if that will be the only way to get humans into space.

Comment: Re:Rather a sad, sad contrast... (Score 1) 242

by BodhiCat (#30926010) Attached to: India Moves To Put Its First Man In Space By 2016

"Nevermind the fact that Einstein, one of the best known scientists in the world, that contributed significantly to our nuclear supremacy"

No he didn't. Einstein did not work on the Manhatten Project that developed the first atomic bombs, or or on subsequent atomic or thermonuclear weapons programs. His early work was incorporated into the mathematics of nuclear physics by others, but that early work was mostly done while he was in Switzerland.

I do agree with you main argument, but this specific point is not correct.

Comment: Re:Extra things you'll need (Score 2, Insightful) 1713

by BodhiCat (#30924838) Attached to: Apple's "iPad" Out In the Open
I hate to agree with a PC user, but that is what I see as lacking in the iPad; no useful text editor. Also no useful spreadsheets or web page editors, its only good for fun, can't do any real work on it, except answer e-mails. Maybe Apple didn't want to compete with its MacBooks, and so they didn't give this an OS X operating system, but if they had, then it would be the revolutionary device that all the hype was about.

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