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Comment: Same old story (Score 3, Insightful) 186

by BobandMax (#48606631) Attached to: Graphene: Fast, Strong, Cheap, and Impossible To Use
Every time a new discovery is made, legions of naysayers appear to tell us how it will not make a difference or is impossible to implement or too expensive or, well, you fill in the blank. Never underestimate the ingenuity of people wanting fame, wealth, professional success, better mate selection or whatever. Graphene will be whatever it will be. It was only a relatively few years ago that these same people, or their ilk, thought they knew everything there was to know about the well-explored element, carbon. The future will reveal itself in due course and those who predict utopia or disaster are both likely to be wrong.

+ - Cryogenic fracturing recovers hydrocarbons without water use->

Submitted by BobandMax
BobandMax (95054) writes "Researchers at the Colorado School of Mines claim they have developed a method to unlock hydrocarbons trapped in shale with using any water at all. They are seeking to perfect Cryogenic fracturing, which replaces water with searing cold liquid nitrogen (or carbon dioxide). Used at temperatures below minus 321 Fahrenheit, it is pumped underground at high pressure. Once it comes into contact with the heated, pressurized shale, a reaction occurs which caused the shale to crack open and creates fissures through which the hydrocarbons can gush out. They liken it to pouring hot water onto a frozen car windshield, with the sharp and sudden temperature change causing the glass to crack."
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+ - More touchscreen "calibration" errors changing votes->

Submitted by BobandMax
BobandMax (95054) writes "There was a story last week about touchscreen voting machines in Cook County, Illinois changing votes from Republican to Democrat. Now, this touchscreen ebola seems to have infected machine in Maryland, too, still changing votes from Republican to Democrat. Why does this only seem to happen in Democrat strongholds?"
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+ - "Calibration" error changes Illinois touchscreen votes-> 4

Submitted by BobandMax
BobandMax (95054) writes "In a truly shocking occurrence, a Cook County, Illinois touchscreen voting device changed votes from Republican to Democrat. Voting officials removed the machine and determined that a calibration error was at fault. The voter who brought the problem to their attention, Republican state representative candidate Jim Moynihan, was later "allowed" to vote for Republicans. Some things never change, regardless technology."
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Comment: Oil option says it all (Score 1) 219

by BobandMax (#48147367) Attached to: When will the first successful manned Mars mission happen?
What has motivated almost all exploration on Earth is pursuit of profit, wealth or colonization. There have been a few explorers that pursued it for knowledge, adventure or glory, but they are by far the minority. Although the "oil" option was facetious, it is actually dead on the mark. As soon as someone determines that there is money or power in space, then there will be a real race.

Comment: Re:It's getting hotter still! (Score 4, Interesting) 635

by BobandMax (#47910511) Attached to: Extent of Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Levels

Ignoring science in favour of conspiracy theories is ignorant.

No, science should not be ignored but that does not mean that conspiracies do not exist. They do.

Citing the errors of celebrities as evidence of the failings of science is... jibberish (sic).

Al Gore is not just a celebrity. Sadly, many people are influenced by his gibberish. I agree with your basic premise but most AGW advocates ignore and will not address contrary evidence, preferring instead to ridicule and cast aspersions, as you do. What is there to fear from an open discussion and equal treatment of all available evidence, unless a predetermined outcome is the goal?

Comment: CS degree no panacea (Score 1) 59

by BobandMax (#47812777) Attached to: Code.org Discloses Top Donors
My last company was a well-known, major defense contractor. HR sent CS grads, with credible paper GPA's from well regarded universities, who claimed to know C, and could not explain the source code for "cat". I'm no C programmer and it took me about thirty seconds to puzzle through it. It does no good to produce legions of CS grads whose diplomas are valueless. Coding, even with modern tools, is not easy and never will be. The way to attract more ***QUALIFIED*** people to CS is to allow the market to price their services accordingly.

Friends with H1B hungry commercial companies report similar experiences. A few imports are very good, most range from barely Ok to competent and the rest are dead weight.

Comment: Re:Eliminate municipal monopolies (Score 2) 111

by BobandMax (#47787389) Attached to: How Big Telecom Smothers Municipal Broadband
The subject under discussion is broadband. Try to pay attention. And, yes, municipalities do prohibit competition through sleazy deals with all-too-eager providers. In those areas where there are no contractual monopolies, lower rates, better service and higher consumer satisfaction are the norm. The reason why there is only one choice in so many locations, like mine, is because local government has sold the monopoly rights.

Comment: Eliminate municipal monopolies (Score 5, Informative) 111

by BobandMax (#47785351) Attached to: How Big Telecom Smothers Municipal Broadband
The answer is pretty easy. Eliminate the ability of cities, counties or states to create monopolies. In jurisdictions where there is no monopoly and multiple offerings exist; prices are lower, service is better and customers are more satisfied.

Comment: Re:Global Warming is NOW, kidlings (Score 1) 327

by BobandMax (#47692675) Attached to: California May Waive Environmental Rules For Tesla
What caused the dust bowl in the thirties? Global warming? What caused the Saharan climate shift six thousand years ago? SUV-driving Republicans? Attempts to link individual weather events or even climate shifts to the eidolon of "climate change" are pointless and scientifically vacuous.

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