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Comment Automate successful execution as well (Score 1) 265

Setting aside the wisdom (or lack thereof) of automating maintenance, you should also have some process external to the maintained machines that confirms that the maintenance worked. That confirmation could be something like testing that a Web server continues to serve the expected pages, some port provides expected information, etc. If this external process notes a discrepancy, it would page/text/call you.

Comment Unpersuasive argument (Score 1) 260

Similarly people will get into a car operated by a driver without sufficient insurance or any guarantee that the vehicle is operating correctly and safe, and if its cheaper they won't care either... at least... until there is an accident.

Which is how the regulations came into effect in the first place -- the public was tired of getting into cabs that weren't insured or maintained properly.

The public seems to have a very short memory.

If people tire of getting into uber/lyft cars that aren't insured or maintained properly, they can then...wait for it...take a taxi.

Comment Where all that money went (Score 5, Interesting) 538

The government has essentially taken over the academic loan business in order to make funds more readily available to a greater number of people seeking a college degree. The result of this easy money? Not only this debt crisis but also college tuition and fees inflated at four times the rate of cost-of-living inflation. Way to go government intervention!

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