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+ - Australian Government releases report into IT Price Fixing.

Submitted by sjwt
sjwt writes: It's been a long time since anyone on the web in Australia no matter how computer literate they are even bothered to question the simple statement 'Do we in Australia pay too much for Digital copies', it has always been an resounding 'Yes'. Labor MP Ed Husic's report into IT prices is out, and it does not pull punches.

From 116% for Ebooks to 184% for games, everywhere you look it has become commonplace to be charged much more for living in Australia, and now the government report issued today with a number of recommendations including removing import restrictions in the Copyright Act for private individuals, a right of resale on digital goods and even the possibility of outlawing geoblocking. This could be quite a win for Australian consumers.

+ - Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into IT Pricing Publishes Report 1

Submitted by elphie007
elphie007 writes: Fourteen months after the Australian Parliament announced an inquiry into the disparity between IT pricing for Australian consumers, the Committee's final report has been published. The report highlights the importance of IT in Australia, and that Australian consumers are frequently shafted in an uncomfortable manner when it comes to purchasing IT goods and services. With recommendations ranging from the removal of parallel importation restrictions to the possible banning of geo-blocking services, could this mean the end of US bound Adobe shopping trips and the beginning of pricing equality for Australian IT consumers? More reports/analysis is available here and here.

+ - Australian government to educate populace in bypassing geo-blocking->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: An Australian Federal Government Senate inquiry has recommended that Australian businesses legally bypass geo-blocking to avoid paying excessively for IT products. Australians have always had to pay more for the same goods when compared to other countries. While the extra costs of shipping to a small population explain this extra cost for physical goods, no such justification can be made for 'virtual' products. From the article: "Companies such as Microsoft and Apple use "geo-blocking" to stop Australian consumers from buying their products online in other countries. The committee's chairman, Nick Champion, said geo-blocking was unfair when used to segregate global markets in order to make bigger profits. He said the report's recommendations included educating Australian businesses on how to bypass geo-blocks."
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+ - Geoblocking in Australia to be dismantled->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Major software and content players such as Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft face a raft of measures which could dismantle their business models and their ability to enforce regional restrictions, or ‘geoblocking’, on the use of their products if key recommendations of the Australian Government’s Inquiry into IT Pricing report are adopted.
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