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Comment You go dude (Score 2, Insightful) 578

Immigration is an important economic issue. It's lowers wages. It's a way to balance economic forces but if unchecked it gives businesses an unfair pool of low wages employees. If you don't respect parts of your country for it's economic impact on your then I don't see anything wrong with what your doing as a "statement of protest". You have the unalienable right to express your dissatisfaction. But being realistic it just won't have an economic impact.

Comment We are so in our infancy (Score 1) 37

The brain is the communication hub for the body. It's has a spinal column that spans neurons across the body. Nerves whose purpose is input and output to the brain.... And we are playing with switching them on and off with light and sound.... We haven't even figures out how nerves address the brain and each other. We don't even know how to coax the brain into making new connections. So primitive.

Comment I don't see them as compeditors (Score 1) 213

The market is more than large enough that Tesla can't keep up with demand. Porsche adds luxuries on top of the electric car. What if you don't like the look of the Tesla or you want other colors/features. These are two kids playing in a sandbox the size of a small city. More than enough room for both of them. I even find it likely that Tesla may consult for them and eventually in 5 years be selling them batteries from their Giga factories.

Comment I suggest looking for natural "landmarks" (Score 1) 275

Our species has not existed for very long, maybe a few hundred thousand years. Only in the last hundred years have we even begun playing with electromagnetic waves. Our experts consider this feasible. We need to look closer at science fiction and start speculation on technology. We have to assume that faster than light communication is indeed possible if not outright travel.

There are millions of planets out there that do have life on them. Jungle worlds. How do two species communicate over such large distances. You figure out what other intelligent species ares going to find interesting and you build a monument where they will already be looking. Take in the fact that humans already without ever meeting an alien already have "invasion" fears... It's only practical that you don't build a light house directly in your back yard but rather put it close enough that if you still exist you relay though it. If you've gone extinct then it's still a monument to your existence in a place that other intelligent being were going to look anyway.

All we are talking about is smoke signals. When we find it it will give us clues to FTL communication though something like that might still take us a hundred years even with outright clues. There is likely a network of living intelligent species out there. But by finding one that has gone extinct may provide clues for contacting other living species.

Comment About time (Score 1) 241

I live in Los Angeles and I think commute time should count in some way for all jobs. This would motivate businesses and city government to do practical civil engineering. Do something like half time or such.

If your going to have a business you need affordable housing near that business where people want to live. If your driving more than an hour a day or two hours on rapid transit then something is obviously wrong.

Comment Which is why I can't commit to services.... (Score 3, Insightful) 77

I have a problem even with steam. Ebook stores.. you kidding me. What happens when they go bankrupt or get their division bought out. Services end. Otherwise I'd be spending 80 percent of my money on such content. I buy something... I want access to it forever. I want to be able to resell it although it all likelihood I never would being the digital hoarder that I am. I still have the boxes and some of the better manuals from games I bought back in the 90's.

Comment Think outside the box. Pun intended! (Score 1) 307

Who watches shows on a schedule anymore? It might take me a year or two before I start watching a series. By then I know which have multiple seasons and might be worth watching. But I eventually do get around to every series that I would have watched on a schedule. In fact I have more time now to watch shows and I watch more shows. No more 2am mornings with nothing to watch. We need to get shows to stop all this fall/spring premiere schedule stuff and instead have new shows every month. And no more pilot episodes but rather half season pilot series. In fact it would be better for the shows if they just did away with seasons all together and instead focused on shows more as mini series. And maybe a series takes two years to get renewed... so what.

Comment Those perks keep you in the office longer (Score 1) 474

Just pointing out the obvious. Some people like me pace so going to a gym onsite make sense. Same with going to get food. Geeks by and large don't like suits and having to take time to take it to a dry cleaner is a drag. Dry cleaning service motivates people to dress nicer.

I think one thing they can do for moral is install the expensive lighting that simulates UV exposure. Maybe going so far as to have it cycle brightness depending on the time of day.

Comment Re:What did he expect? (Score 2) 275

He expected freedom of speech. He volunteered to be a spokesperson for a movement. The same thing would have happened to anyone else. Assange was chosen wisely to be spokesperson for his talent of being loud. Everyone seems to forget that Wikileaks was an unsanctioned press organization.

Six million a year to watch him? Are you kidding me. You don't spend that kind of money to help extradite a date rapist where his alleged crime occurred in another country. He is clearly being persecuted. Interested parties are clearly sending a message.

I think it's highly likely that the US will seek extradition and the Swedish will give him to them if the British don't do it first once they happily remove the death penalty. There is no way the US would have sought the death penalty anyway. They will try him as an enemy of the state and convict him for espionage. They had secrets and he did revel some of them on purpose and others by accident. Never mind that he isn't a US citizen and the that it's didn't happen on US soil. He will likely wind up sitting in federal prison trying his case for ten years and appealing it for another twenty before they simply let him go.

P.S. The person that did do the espionage has been convicted but he in my option should be pardoned for mental illness. Those they keep him in service with access to top secret intelligent against his will when he was so clearly unstable should be the ones serving time in a military prison. I might not have let him out of service buy I would have defiantly transferred him into another MOS. Latrine duty anyone?

"People should have access to the data which you have about them. There should be a process for them to challenge any inaccuracies." -- Arthur Miller