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I've met more than one very good developer who didn't grok database design.

One subcontracted me to teach his girlfriend who needed it for a course she was doing. Basically, it involved us all going to the pub and talking about movies and music while she scribbled furiously. It's a good teaching example because it involves natural/surrogate keys (how do you deal with movies/bands/artists with the same name, or movies with more than one title?), multiple relationships (an actor might also direct, a musician can also be a producer) etc.

Another had gone through the induction training in half the normal time, so he'd caught up with my cohort and we were on a DB concepts course together. The DB instructor just couldn't make him understand the difference between "Gone With The Wind" in the abstract and a particular tape of it. In the end I think I convinced him that in the first case it always stars Clark Gable, but in the second we might have two in the shop (of which one is reserved) and the third is out and overdue. At least he shut up and let us get on with the class...

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As consumerization of IT and self-service trends becomes part and parcel of everyone's work in the enterprise

This is stated as if it's an axiom. I'm not going to opine on whether it's true or not, since I'm not sure what the blinking heck it's supposed to mean.

But the whole article falls flat on its arse if its major premise turns out to be a load of old bollocks, don't you think?

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Such mustaches were quite popular in the 1930s. My grandfather had one, and kept it all the way through WW2. Woe betide anyone who asked him why he had a Hitler mustache; he claimed he had it first, and therefore it was Hitler who had a my-grandad mustache, and without so much as a by-your-leave. Strong words would be in order when the British army got to Berlin...

One thing's sure, he certainly had it last.

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Even today, there are plenty of crimes that you can be convicted of for only KNOWING it was happening. Sure you may not have killed that guy, but you were there, you saw it, and you did nothing to stop it. That's accessory to murder, conspiracy to murder and a whole bunch of other crimes.

[citation most definitely needed]

The reason that every major university maintains a department of mathematics is that it's cheaper than institutionalizing all those people.