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Comment: Re:Google wants to standardize hardware (Score 1) 231

by BlitzTech (#35682894) Attached to: Android 3.0 Is Trickling In, But Are the Apps?
One would hope at least one enterprising company would spot a market supply failure and create a product there. There is demand for Android; Google would have work pretty hard to scare manufacturers away. The key here is what is considered "too much", and frankly I don't see Google being particularly ridiculous about it.

Comment: Re:An Imitator, not an Invovator (Score 1) 643

by BlitzTech (#35675042) Attached to: MS Global Strategy Chief: Tablets Are a Fad
I want to disagree with you on one point - I'm a console gamer, and I'm loyal. I love my 360 and definitely prefer it to the Wii or PS3. Contrast that with the N64 - a fantastic system at the time - and then the letdowns of the GameCube (never really succeeded) and Wii (catering to casual gamers does not cater to me). I bought both a GC and Wii because I was a loyal Nintendo fan, but they've lost my loyalty with those two systems. 10+ years of loyalty, and 10 years of failure to lose it... that's a long time. I'm much more likely to buy the next Microsoft console than the PS3 (or next) and I won't go near another Nintendo product. That said, it's the only Microsoft product I like.

Comment: Re:He's got it all wrong (Score 1) 280

by BlitzTech (#34633354) Attached to: How a Leather Cover Crashes the Kindle
His left finger looks like it's touching, but I'm not entirely convinced the right one is.

Regardless of that nitpick, it is still showing 2 MOhms, which shouldn't draw nearly enough power to do anything he thinks it's doing.

Purely speculation, but does it look like the black probe is even touching the metal...?

User hostile.