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Comment Re:Meaningless comparison? (Score 2) 40 40

That's why, when capital gets overly concentrated and constrained the cooperative infrastructure on which it rests begins to collapse and we have increasingly chaotic socio-economic upheavals. The stability of the world financial markets is tenuous at best if not outright illusory.

Comment I believe... (Score 1) 187 187

..that quotes from 'The Random Depak Chopra Quote Generator' being indistinguishable from actual Depak Chopra quotes has achieved this already as a reflection of sub empirical quantum choices shows... Or is it that Depak Chopra cannot pass the Turing test and is actually a cleverly disguised TRS80.

Comment It's pretty much the same as insurance. (Score 2) 118 118

Tis question is not exactly but largely analogous to the question : 'Do we self insure or purchase insurance'? The risk evaluation is complex and the answer is dependant on the a number of weighty factors not least of which is the amount of liquid assets available to address a catastrophic failure. Hire a risk analyst.

Comment Sensitive much? (Score 1) 468 468

Whoop-tee shit! It's a stupid and desperate strategy precisely because most people will react as you did but nobody is trying to threaten or intimidate you, though they may be trying to shame or coerce you into engaging with your friends and neighbours in order to encourage them to engage in the political system. I think they are frustrated and grasping at straws because political discourse in the US has deteriorated to such an extent that the process has become mostly dysfunctional.

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