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Comment: I loved window for 19 years before I was a hater (Score 1) 742

by Bleek II (#46316387) Attached to: "Microsoft Killed My Pappy"
It seems like MS is trying to find ways not to blame Windows 8. I was a Windows user since 3.1 at the age of 5. I've used every version including XP Pro x64. I'm a pragmatist because I use computers for productivity. So when 8 came out with a consumption rather than production oriented UI it was time for a divorce. Yes I could have stuck with lovely 7 for a slow death but I wanted to hurt my Ex for ditching productivity. Productivity is the only place for my loyalty. Hate MS for trying to turn my work tool into a media consumption machine worse than a Mac? Yes, I think I will. Long live the Cinnamon / KDE.

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