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Comment Re:Just a harmless drone this time (Score 5, Informative) 169


It wasn't harmless.

A quad with any camera worth a shit on it is going to weigh in at 5-10 pounds minimum. A drop of even 10 feet, at 5 pounds, onto your head, with any sort of good sharp edge ... your skull is going to be split open. This is a simple matter of physics. Gravity does all the work. The propellers aren't what you're afraid of, its one of the support arms or screws jabbing into your brain that you should be worried about.

There are many many many ways it can hurt you in that fall that don't involve a lethal injury that you wouldn't enjoy at all either.

You don't need explosives for a quad to be lethal, this idiot was more than enough to seriously wound or kill someone due to nothing more than shear ignorance.

Best part ... he's a fucking science teacher who should understand the basic laws of physics well enough to not do something this stupid.

Comment Ignorant fucking asshole (Score 5, Insightful) 169

Douches like this prick are why we can't have nice things.

I fly all sorts of RC aircraft, Quads, fixed wing plane's, Helis, even a flying lawn mower (model, not actually a lawnmower) and I've been doing it for 25 years and never has there been an issue of people getting upset about it until recently.

You know why? Cheap electronics introducing artificial stability at a price that allows any fucking moron without the slightest clue to buy one and manage to fly it for more than 10 seconds. Before artificial stability (i.e. before there was any hope of an RC quadcopter), pricks like this would have bought one, flown it for 10 seconds, crashed it in his front yard and that would be the end of it because he wouldn't be willing to spend that money again for another 10 seconds of flight time until he learned to fly. He'd never learn to fly because he's not bothering to try, he's just throwing it in the air without understanding how/why/when its going to come down and what effects thats going to have on others.

When I see assholes like this, I tell them to get their fucking quad out of the air immediately or I'm calling the cops, and I've called them twice, the last for some asshole flying over a high school football game. Guy was a software dev at a large tech company, should fucking know better and understand that a 5 pound object falling on your head from even 10 feet above is WAY beyond potentially lethal.

So take this worthless fuck out back, string him up by his testicles and keep him the fuck out of RC * so he doesn't fuck it up for the rest of us.

This shit is why the FAA cares, and I'm 100% with them on it. I don't want additional laws, but this is a real problem in a new arena that previously had barriers to entry that kept idiots out. The modern flight controllers (which I use and love) are like exploit kits for script kiddies. They give ability to do something without the tempering that comes with learning how to do it 'the hard way', or understanding the consequences of what you're doing.

I don't have a good solution to this problem because the problem is caused by adults who haven't grown up yet or are too selfish/ignorant to care and those are problems we've been dealing with since the beginning of time without solving, but it does have to be addressed, which problem means I'm going to get screwed in the process.

I can not stress this statement enough: The guy flying that drone was an ignorant fucking asshole. 50 lashes wouldn't be enough.

Comment Re: Do you even computer? (Score 2) 118

My iPhone is paired with my Mac and the Messages applications on my iPhone and Mac are linked as well. When my phone is near my Mac I do indeed get SMS messages on my Mac, as iMessage and Gtalk, other people probably do the same.

Doesn't Android do that too with Hangouts or something?

Comment Re:Yes? And? (Score 2) 269

which they very easily could do over the phone, skype or send a person to him to question him

Or he could go back to the country he fled and answer the fucking questions. Oh and by the way, they DID send someone to talk to him, just recently, he refused. Stop being an ignorant douche and open your eyes.

How your post got modded as insightful when it isn't is pretty insightful in itself as to how misinformed people can be.

Ironic considering I was thinking thing exact same thing.

And yes, they can agree not to extradite him to the US should they attempt to do so. Something they refused to do.

Sweden, BY LAW, does not extradite to countries that have the death penalty as an option. They can not legally agree to extradite him to the United States so there is no need to 'refuse'. They can't make the choice to refuse, its already made for them.

The reality of it is, he's a fuck who's trying not to get punished for breaking the law.

Comment Re:All the data hasn't been released (Score 1) 449

slowly drive the spike through AM's heart.

Are you kidding? There are 1 girl for every 2200 guys or so, between that factoid and the media interest in this, I'd be a months pay they've gotten more subscribers in the last month than in the last year.

This is doing nothing but good for them, all they need to do is put up a reminder about pre-paid CCs when signing up.
2200:1 ratio is better than 0:1 ratio that most of these people actually have of meeting a girl that's willing to sleep with a married man.

If they had a greater than 0 chance without Ashley Madison, they'd never have used AM in the first place.

Comment Re:"I am about to be killed, tortured, or exiled," (Score 1, Insightful) 706

No, he could use common sense.

Common sense says you don't publish shit ON A PUBLIC NETOWRK, let alone on a fucking outlawed (in his country) social media site ...

And work to change your oppressive regime.

See the two things are only slightly related, you can in fact do either one without the other, or both, or none.

What you don't get is to pretend it wasn't your fault that people found your were a closeted homosexual because YOU POSTED IT ON THE FUCKING INTERNET.

Don't post public shit on the internet if you don't want the world to know, dumbass. It's his own fault, 100%. His direct actions led him to this dillema.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1, Interesting) 706

Considering that Ashley Madison as a whole is illegal in most jurisdictions I would be really surprised if those laws had no effect.

In NC, USA, the Ashley Madison website is in direct violation of several marriage statutes, namly around willful alienation of affection, which is punishable with jail time.

Affairs are probably illegal in most states in the U.S. If not all. Facilitating criminal conduct intentionally IS a crime in every state in the U.S.

Comment Not impressed (Score 1) 157

According to IW, for the last three-and-a-half years, Stenn said he's worked 100-plus hours a week answering emails, accepting patches, rewriting patches to work across multiple operating systems, piecing together new releases, and administering the NTP mailing list.

First off, bullshit. Well, bullshit or he sucks at his job or he doesn't want to do anything BUT his job.

If that was a problem, he could say 'I quit' and he would get help. But he doesn't. And he's not the maintainer of the protocol, just a daemon, arguably not even the best one at this point, especially based on his claims of how much work it takes to keep it going.

This whole thing wreaks of whiney little bitch syndrome.

If he wanted Apple to contribute to his lively hood he should have contracted like any more 60 year old person knows to do. Its not like he hasn't been doing software dev for a few years.

Comment Re:Insurance subsidy? (Score 1) 204

Not when everyone just stops showing moderation and gets trashed because they don't have to drive home, they can just get a cheap cab because its on their insurance.

And then I end up paying way more cause you can rest assured that Insurance companies aren't going to eat the cost.

"The Avis WIZARD decides if you get to drive a car. Your head won't touch the pillow of a Sheraton unless their computer says it's okay." -- Arthur Miller