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Comment Re:Good Riddance! (Score 1) 662

Natural born people have rights.

Hate to break it to you, but rights are a human construct.

You aren't 'born with rights', society grants them too you.

Its really pretty much entirely arbitrary to say people have rights but corporations don't.

I'm not disagreeing with the idea the corporations don't, but to pretend there is some factual reason why this is the case is simply wrong. Its all subjective.

Comment Bullshit headline, it doesn't work. (Score 4, Interesting) 160

Its also bullshit on iOS 9.2.1.

I just set it to exactly midnight EPOCH, I set it to before epoch and I set it back to now. Rebooted multiple times all along the way.

My phone works fine.

I got kicked out of anything authenticated the instant I did the change since doing so effectively renders every certificate on the device invalid as it is suddenly years before the certs were 'issued' but thats exactly as expected.

I pretty much can't find any truth in the story. It claims you can't scroll back that far in the date/time picker without open and closing multiple times, yet here I am with just a bunch of finger flicks looking at the date/time as Dec 1969 right this very moment and I did so without having to enter it multiple times.

Dear slashdot, you have been trolled. Please stop believing the random shit you read on the internet.

Comment Re:Uh huh... (Score 1, Insightful) 213

Look at the record of drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

You mean the ones that performed more strategically and killed fewer collateral targets than any wars before them ... EVER?

Operators actually call the victims "bug splat"

Yea, its called disconnecting, and they are trained to do so. Its the only way a morale and just person can spend their days killing people. You don't want the guys who can do it all day long and call it what it is doing it, those people are dangerous and enjoy murder so they will do things that shouldn't be done.

On the other hand, most of the people doing these things are geeks just like you and me, well ... not like you, these guys have spines

Anyway, they are taught to behave that way so they can actually sleep at night, but hey, don't let your total lack of understanding of all things military stand in your way of judging people because you saw some highly edited video generated by a man with an agenda the size of greater Asia.

Comment Re:Uh huh... (Score 1) 213

In the 1920s, there were some who argued that aerial bombing would be more humane because they could be far more precise than field artillery, hitting only the target that you want to hit. Look how well that worked out.

Pretty well. We have laser and image recognition guidance systems that can't take out an individual pickup truck or go through the window of a house before destroying basically only the single house ...

I'd say they were right.

Comment Re:One down. (Score 1) 577

Thats cute, you think you know how people vote.

You've got it all figured out in your own little head ... of course thats only because you have this ridiculously narrow view point thats entirely clouded by the fact that you think YOUR party is superior and too ignorant to realize you're just a stupid as all the morons who are going to vote for Trump.

You are still voting for a team, and not the president. Likewise, so is the rest of the general public who has no real understanding of how the government actually works and think that choosing the president is a matter of your favorite color or team mascot.

99.9999 of the voting public votes for their favorite team, they don't know shit about the candidates other than the crap spewed in the media recently. With that in mind, Trump's got a good shot.

We're fucked if he wins, but the same is true for sanders and billary, so it really doesn't matter much

Comment Re:well, that's good (Score 1) 84

Contracts? Business Requirements? Customers? They aren't run by idiots like you who are too stupid to realize you are the customer and Google isn't doing this for you, its doing this for its customers.

Google loses money making this change, why SHOULD they do it, other than you think flash ads are a bad thing. (HINT: They aren't, flash ads are great because you can just not enable flash and you have no ads. You can not do that with non-flash ads, can you?)

Comment Re:The downside (Score 3, Insightful) 84

. . .

Why do you think Google is doing it?

Do you think the lack of ad blocking software that works for shit with the HTML 5 tricks might have something to do with Google suddenly wanting to not allow Flash ... just a few years after they made a selling point of their browser doing flash and other browsers/mobile platforms not doing it?

Nothing Google does is 'for the people' unless you mean advertisers when you say people.

Comment Re:Newbie question (Score 3, Interesting) 86

Make no mistake, though, Docker is the way of the future and will put a lot of people in this forum out of a job.

Yea, you're not really a grey beard if you make stupid statements like that.

Adding another layer of virtualization to our existing stack with several layers already in it isn't going to magically make things better.

In the last 10 years I've seen the same web server go from running on bare metal to running under 4 layers of hypervisor by the time you get to the docker container ... and you know what ... now that server farm takes 3 times as many people to run because you still need the apache guys ... and you still need the linux guys ... but now you need the docker guys, the vmware guys, and somebody who can coordinate the whole fucking mess.

So lets look at this we went from:

Hardware -> Linux -> AppVM running Apache (1 layer of address translation, the AppVM/Linux kernel boundary)


Hardware -> Linux -> KVM -> Linux -> Docker -> Linux -> AppVM running Apache (thats 5 layers of translation ... Yes, thats REALLY what most people using Docker will do)

Yea, thats definitely going to put people out of work ... its easy to understand.

Docker is another example of people doing something because they figured out how to do it, not because they actually should do it. Worse still, Docker is a solution to the fact that Linux is a mess from a file system perspective where everyone just dumps all their bins, system or 3rd party all in the same directories, all together. And then they make fun of Windows like System32 is different than /usr/lib on any given Linux box. System or app config files ... ALL of them are in /etc ... WTF? You know theres this /usr/local idea right? You know that you can put libs in the same directory as the application and then you don't have to run a VM to get the same sort of separation right? I mean seriously, you can't call yourself a grey beard and say Docker is good at the same time, you just admit you have no fucking clue how to be an admin or how docker works.

And you're conflating it with systemd? Do you not have any idea what either one of them are?

Yea, I'm ranting. People who think Docker is good are idiots, typically developers trying to be sys admins, or 'DevOps' as they call it ... and they're clueless and don't understand wtf they are doing. Its not Dockers fault. 'Zones' are something Solaris has had for years, and they weren't new when Solaris did it. Mainframes have had the concept since the 70s. The problem devs who don't know when and where to use them are just throwing them all over the place

Comment Re:No transit costs. (Score 1) 106

Because they will use their monopoly in the local areas to make it prohibitively expensive for anyone else to compete against them. They've already been caught throttling other providers and not themselves, again trying to push customers to their service by adding additional pains and costs to other services.

They'll make it very expensive to use Netflix, far more than is in any way justifiable, in order to drive you towards their own over priced services.

They don't get the privilege of doing so because the government granted them the monopoly. For fucks sake they didn't even pay to build out their own god damn networks, we got charged and taxed extra on our bills for fucking years for that shit.

Pull your head out of your ass, its not their network its fucking ours. Its our money that paid for it via government taxes and fees. Its our land that their lines lay in and travel over. Verizon/TWC/Comcast and the other major providers should just be dissolved and the networks become public utility. Even the fucking government wouldn't make it worse for us in this case.

Comment Re:Additional information (Score 1) 87

And all 3 of you that use it or care already know about python3 support, and the entire rest of the Internet doesn't give a fuck.

I know this because I have github projects that aren't working at all with more pull requests and forks than you have and I didn't do any spam advertising on slashdot for them.

Slashdot is not a ad platform for your little pet project to reimplement (poorly) something that has been done properly at least 10 times already and done poorly like your hundreds of times.

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