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+ - Quantum Fluid Defies Gravity-> 1

Submitted by BitHive
BitHive (578094) writes "Researchers have discovered a new type of non-Newtonian fluid which defies gravity when exposed to sound waves. They have a spooky demonstration of the liquid, which has yet to be named, climbing up and out of a speaker resonating in the sub-audible 30kHz range. Does this discovery pave the way for floating automobile tires that never wear out, or perhaps a sequel to Flubber?"
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+ - Microsoft to issue refunds for software licenses

Submitted by
BitHive writes ""The New York Times reports that The FTC has reached a record $52 million settlement with Microsoft over the company's wrongly charging customers "mystery" licensing fees over the past several years — the largest settlement in FTC history. With the action, Microsoft's total costs associated with false license fees reached $78.9 billion, the largest payout for false business practices in the software industry. 'People shouldn't find mystery fees when they open their computer bills — and they certainly shouldn't have to pay for softwares they didn't want and didn't use,' says FTC Chairman Gene Lewbowski. 'In these rough economic times, every $199 counts.' Microsoft said in a news release that its overcharges were inadvertent. 'We accept responsibility for those errors, and apologize to our customers who received accidental software charges on their bills.'""

+ - Newegg Employees Claim Abuse->

Submitted by
BitHive writes "It seems that entrepreneurship and free enterprise are not immune from attack in any industry. Just look at this story from Courthouse News Service:

Newegg, the online computer retailer, violates a slew of labor laws, overworks and abuses immigrant workers and orders employees to hack into competitors' computer systems, three former employees claim in Superior Court. The plaintiffs say Newegg hires a disproportionate number of Chinese tech workers, many with false promises that Newegg would help them get green cards, then forces them to work egregiously long hours without breaks. "These employees were so profoundly overworked that they were frequently seen napping at their work stations," the complaint states.

How long until mandatory naptime becomes another legislated inefficiency forced upon small businesses?"
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