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Comment: Re:It's different, that's all (Score -1) 249

by BisexualPuppy (#39618899) Attached to: Technology For the Masses: Churches Going Hi-Tech
but can not accept cosmology/evolution on a scientific basis until we are advanced enough to either create our own universes to observe We have one, and evolution hasn't stopped 6000 years ago you fool. Look at that :

Comment: Re:More government propaganda (Score -1) 816

"The question about finality of resources on this planet must never be answered with: 'more government', it must always be answered with: 'more freedom'."

Ahaha, yeah, right. What is the most polluting country in the world, and by far ? US. You know, land of the free and all this shit. A government is not by definition crap, it becomes crap. Less government means more corporations. Is that freedom ? No, it's slavery. Did I say you were an idiot ? You are an idiot.

Comment: Re:Like a ratchet (Score -1) 309

by BisexualPuppy (#39108163) Attached to: The Pirate Bay On Track To Be Banned In the UK?
That's fun, that's the exact excuse we have from politicians in France, too. Can you now please tell me two things :
1/ Where do they go ? China ? Zimbabwe ?
2/ Does a country need rich people who will run away as soon as they are asked to share ? These people didn't create value out of nothing, they build it on top of an existing system. If they don't want to share back (and still being VERY wealthy), we don't need them, period.