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Comment: Re:Unfortuantly... (Score 0) 145

by Billy the Boy (#35492824) Attached to: GNU Free Call Announced, SIP-based VoIP
And just an announcement for development plan? Why not announce when something has been actually done?

'm not sure how they plan to get it as widespread as Skype. I'm sure you can't call to it using Skype, and do they plan to give out numbers and really cheap Skype2Phone calls for mobiles and landlines? Do they plan to get Facebook and all other services to use it? It's not only some client or server software that you need, you also need Skype's services and those landline phone calls and integration, and userbase.

Comment: Open source vs proprietary (Score 3, Insightful) 792

by Billy the Boy (#35489748) Attached to: Richard Stallman: Cell Phones Are 'Stalin's Dream'
Oh come on, trying to get everyone to stop using mobile phones is a little bit far fetched. It's also not like you can make the cell phone technology in any other way, location tracking will always be possible. That's why there are laws that restrict access to such records. AND if you really want to blow up a pizza place, leave your phone home that one time.

And the social problem of non-free software? People do not care. They never have, they never will. I doubt Stallman cares about every little detail about things he uses but isn't that interested in. When he is cooking his tv dinner, he just wants a microwave that works. When Stallman goes to his weekly pony riding classes, he just wants a pony that works without going into every mundane detail. Some little girl could think that Stallman is evil because he doesn't raise, feed and have the pony at his home as part of the family, but while Stallman doesn't have time to raise a pony, he wants to ride one. That's when you take what's easy for you without going in to details.

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