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Comment: Re:From TFA ... (Score 1) 508

by BillGod (#37561738) Attached to: Outlining a World Where Software Makers Are Liable For Flaws
I think they should do this to everyone! Send your mechanic to jail for not repairing your car correctly on the first try!!! Just kidding of course. wouldn't it make more sense and be cheaper to build a task force (real one) that actually finds and punishes virus writers. I would love for all os's to be 100% secure but everyone knows that is impossible. No matter how smart the dev team is. They are not smarter than the rest of the world who are trying to hack it. Yes open source makes things a little more secure because more eyes are on the code. But there will always be that one little piece of code that only a handful of devs ever look at. I think that if these criminals were actually hunted down and punished for writing viruses and scamming grandmothers. That would help out more than this idea. Take that guy who was doing kiddie porn. They un-morphed they pictures and were able to get a positive ID on him. If that kind of work was put into hunting down virus writers and Nigerian princes they would disappear. just my $.02

Comment: Re:Here's to hoping Expert's Exchange is among the (Score 3, Insightful) 345

by BillGod (#35206064) Attached to: Google Goes After Content Farms
YES the freakin driver sites are getting ridiculous. Every time I look for a driver the first 2 pages are some crap site that just pops you around from page to page only to try and install their crappy software to "give" you the driver for a small fee! If their site was not there the driver would be easy to find. With all these sites it makes the driver impossible to find.. therefore you need these sites to find them.. AHHH gonna throw up now.. then download this bad boy.

Comment: Re:Fragmentation (Score 1) 193

by BillGod (#35100390) Attached to: Google Says Honeycomb Will Not Come To Smartphones
I think google gets their naming convention from Intel. This makes my life hell. my customers already have issues figuring out the difference between chrome and chrome os. What the hell are these companies thinking. Come on people. is still one of the top searches per day on google because these idiots haven't figured out the difference between the search box and the url box.

Comment: Re:just as good as the others... (Score 1) 171

by BillGod (#31617348) Attached to: Netflix Streaming Arrives For the Wii
Next gen Wii has already said it will be HD. Not that the games will be in HD but at least it has HD capabilities. Anyway. Just got my email from netflix today. Dear William, Your free instant streaming disc for Wii should arrive by Friday, Mar 26, 2010. Meanwhile, add movies & TV episodes to your instant Queue now so you're ready to watch instantly when your instant streaming disc arrives. -Your friends at Netflix Thousands of TV episodes & movies to watch instantly! Wii instant Queue Choose from thousands of TV episodes, classic movies & some new releases. Browse and instantly watch right on your TV via your Wii(TM) console.

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