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+ - Ammonia Leak Alarm on the ISS Forces Evacuation of US Side, Crew Safe

Submitted by BabelBuilder
BabelBuilder (3984043) writes "A possible ammonia leak aboard the ISS this morning caused the crew to evacuate the US side of the station. All crew aboard the station is safe. According to Universe Today, "NASA says that an alarm sounded in the US segment at about 4 a.m. EST. indicating a possible ammonia leak. As a result, all six Expedition 42 astronauts and cosmonauts evacuated the US segment." NASA thinks the alarm triggered by the ammonia leak might be a false alarm, but is going over their data."

+ - Aussie cops arrest two Anons->

Submitted by Bismillah
Bismillah (993337) writes "Australian Federal Police say they have arrested and charged one of the people behind the 2012 attack on MelbourneIT that saw 40GB of data taken by exploiting a backup server running a vulnerable version of Adobe ColdFusion.

The AFP says they also arrested an eighteen year old Penrith, New South Wales, resident for hacking."

Link to Original Source

+ - Object seen in skydiver's helmetcam unlikely to be a meteorite 3

Submitted by The Bad Astronomer
The Bad Astronomer (563217) writes "The viral video showing what looked like a meteorite falling past a skydiver made quite a splash, with many people assuming it was true. However, further analysis shows that it's also perfectly consistent with being a small (1-3 cm) rock that fell out of the parachute itself, which is a far more likely explanation."

Comment: Re:NMCI 2.0 (Score 2) 176

Though that will only mean something to a few of us, that was the comparison I immediately made, too.

I think NMCI (and possibly this NASA system) works just fine if you're a headquarters admin/management type and all you need is email/web apps/power point. If you actually have to produce something and require more than those tools, you're going to have a bad time.

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