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Comment honeypots (Score 1) 298

I always found that honeypots also attracted MORE attention to the network, rather than serving as a tool of defense.

Essentially, even if you did get the police involved to the point where they could trace the hackers, chances are they are using some type of TOR technology, and the ones that aren't, the little bobby droptables of the world, probably aren't worth prosecuting.

Save yourself the headache and forgo the unnecessary risk and stress of honeypotting.

Comment Re:Connection Error (Score 2) 276

disclaimer: I am not a US citizen

What scares me infinitely more than giving my ID to a government institution for obtaining a service (drivers license, Liqour store, etc), is the fact that the public sector will be charged with creating a secure, robust, dependable system. It would seem like an absolute blessing for one with questionable morals to be able to steal identities, obtaining records for advert purposes, etc

I don't think they could do it successfully....

Comment Re:Social firewall (Score 1) 114

Hello Mr V. Awwyakr,

My name is Paul and I'm posting on behalf of Slashdot security team. We are performing a random security audit on your account. If you could provide me with your
username and password, then we can conclude this test and move on.

SlashdotSecurity Team

Comment Re:Software no-brainer (Score 1) 622

Sometimes its better to use a tried and true template instead of re-inventing the wheel over and over and over again. This has further ramifications when you include time to test case, database interaction, security modules.

Judging by the tone of your post, you probably feel you can write better code faster than the aforementioned templates. I wish you the best of luck with your blossoming career, but if I can offer a bit of advice, get with the program or start your own company.

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