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Comment Quick and dirty (Score 1) 253

You can script as much of this as you want.

1: boot a linux live image (CD, Thumbdrive, PXE)
2: mkdir /mnt/backup
3: mount //someserver/someshare /mnt/backup

Copy the raw device to the network share. We'll use ddrescue rather than DD so that it finishes even if the HDD has issues. You'll also get a nice log of the issues.
4: ddrescue /dev/sda /mnt/backup/someName-`date +%Y-%m-%d`.img /mnt/backup/someName-`date +%Y-%m-%d`.log

Wipe the disk
5: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=1M

If you would like to see the data in the image
6: fdisk -l /mnt/backup/someName-someDate.img --- Note the sector size and start. Multiply these together. Example is 512(size)x2048(start)=1048576

Mount the raw image and take a peek
7: mkdir /mnt/raw
8: mount -o ro,loop,offset=1048576 /mnt/backup/someName-someDate.img /mnt/raw
9: ls -l /mnt/raw

Restore the data to the drive
10: dd if=/mnt/backup/someName-someDate.img of=/dev/sda bs=1M

You can then compress the image file to save some space on the server.

Comment Re:Reality check? (Score 1) 274

Speaking of reality check, From the TFA:

Highly skilled personnel are employed in these companies and many have advanced computer science degrees, including PhDs. And because of their complexity, many programs are written using software engineering disciplines.

This gent has obviously never worked in the mobile industry.

Comment Wisdom (Score 5, Insightful) 362

Congratulations. You are now wiser than you were prior to accepting the position which you now fill. The next time you interview for a company, which sounds like it may be soon given your current situation, you will now possess an assorted list of queries when the interviewer asks, "Do you have any questions regarding the position or the company?".

Comment Re:Not all bad (Score 1) 329

I would be interested to know why people would pay money to change the geography of their Internet servers when they could simply switch to a darknet. I'd recommend trying Freenet for a while and see if you have any complaints besides it being slower than the observable Internet.

I'm genuinely interested in why more people do not take this approach.

Comment Re:Agree with Parent (Score 2, Interesting) 201

The rage comes in when you're already working at 95% capacity, and something simple turns into the mother of all clusterfuck-abortions. For example: You "renew" a Verisign class3 cert, only to find out that the "renewed" cert is in fact an entirely "new" cert because Verisign changed out its intermediate CA. So a drop in file replacement becomes:

Adding the new intermediate and hash symlink to the apache truststore
Adding a FileChain directive to all affected vhosts
Notifying all of your customers that they need to update their truststores in the next 30 days if they wish to continue doing business with you
Realizing that you're going to have to repeat this maintenance for all 400 Verisign certs for the next year (because business partners require yearly renewals)
Having to go through your companies bullshit change-management process, rather than using the rubber stamp renewal template that you spent 2 days creating.
And worst of all, trying to explain all of this to your manager, who has no understanding of the concepts "encryption" and "trust".
5-10 minutes (renew, propagate file, roll apache servers, update asset management) becomes a Full time job for one year.

The majority of which could have been avoided if they had followed your advice "7 years ago" and shelled out for a wildcard cert.

Comment Re:Punish results, not behavior (Score 1) 709

Write people an extremely hefty fine if they are involved in an accident while texting. Make it easier to convict them on involuntary manslaughter charges if they were texting at the time they hit a pedestrian. If people can safely text, great. If not, punish them when they cause problems. This is the same as any other distraction while driving - you can think about other things than the road while driving legally (work problems, family problems, etc). If you can still safely drive, great. If not, you pay the piper when you hurt someone else.

You've hit several of the nails on the head, but seem to have missed a couple.

We already have laws that charge fines for "Driving while Distracted" and "Dangerous Driving". If an officer sees that you are driving while distracted, and it appears that you are a danger to yourself and/or others, he can issue a ticket.

I want to take a moment to appeal to your sense of justice and remove the word "punishment" from consideration. You can't punish an adult human. It just doesn't work. What does work is restitution (for the victim) and rehabilitation (for the criminal).

When you get caught driving distracted, you get a ticket. Get another, you'll have the insurance increase and defensive driving course. Rack up enough and your public driving privileges get revoked. The existing laws are fully sufficient. No need for additional (unnecessary) bans on tech.

Comment Combined speed? (Score 1) 496

Hi there, The youtube video contains the qualifier "2: Both cars were moving at 40mph for a combined speed of 80mph". This is not correct. Both cars were moving at 40mph for a combined speed of 40mph. Whether you're hitting an immovable brick wall at 40mph, or an object of equal mass and velocity moving at the opposite direction, you're still accelerating from 40mph to 0mph (a 40mph crash).


Comment Re:Last Post (Score 4, Insightful) 393

It seems the owner's best avenue would be to sue, but unfortunately MS will fight that until he's broke. So either way, he's fucked 6 ways from Sunday

The best avenue for any business owner is to never, under ANY circumstances, do business with MS. This applies to being a reseller, partner, customer, or certification holder. Don't use hotmail. Stop using windows and MS applications. Stop using MS formats and file systems.

One of my projects a while ago was to develop a checklist that one could go through to be 100% MS free. It turned out to be larger than I thought, but I've been happy ever since with my technology.


Comment What prevents you from OSS? (Score 1) 1

However the free hosting services such as and SourceForge all seem to require your project be open-source. I'm fine with my code being out there after I've turned in the project, but with very strict cheating policies at most schools, it seems dangerous to make your code available to others before the project deadline.

I still do not understand why this prevents you from making your source open on Sourceforge. Commits are tracked, dated, and tagged/labeled as you choose. As long as it's your name on the commit and not someone else's, you're all set. It also opens up your code to a wider audience for constructive criticism, flames, and possibly some laughs at your expense (We've all written some really dumb code). How is writing your own code cheating? How is someone else using your OSS code cheating?


Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 1127

If you truly and honestly believe that

I don't have to believe, I can simply point out all of the orgs that have a working Bugzilla implementation. Even DESC, a homeless shelter NPO, uses bugzilla.

Why the hell should I *have* to fill out the version number

So that the upstream knows what version you are running. Are you running foosoft 1.0, or foosoft 1.0-ubuntu6_AMD64_whining_willie. There's a big difference between the two.

The Internet of 2009? No.

You are mistaken. Checkout the stats

I've had that problem with GTK+, Inkscape, Notepad++

Seeing the tone and demeanor of your posts here, I'd love to see your bug reports for these products.


Where are the calculations that go with a calculated risk?