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Comment: Re: Agner Krarup Erlang - The telephone in 1909! (Score 1) 279

by whereiswaldo (#48187951) Attached to: An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man

In Canada, the Tim Hortons donut shop drive-thrus now have two lanes for ordering. These merge into a single lane and a single window for both payment and pickup.

I personally can't see how this speeds things up, since ordering is not the bottleneck in the process - it's the filling of orders that takes the most time. Why not have a single lane and two pickup windows? It's bizarre.

Comment: Nobody ever got fired for... (Score 1) 279

by whereiswaldo (#48187509) Attached to: An Algorithm to End the Lines for Ice at Burning Man

The call to speed up the ice lines is not an intellectual exercise. Unless there's a non-obvious major problem with making this change, this is something that could be done the very next year, and would save people thousands of person-hours waiting in line in the sun.

Nobody ever got fired for doing things the way they've always been done. Maybe it's time to change ice vendors to someone willing to serve it up faster.

+ - Could IBM's Watson fact-check our writing?

Submitted by whereiswaldo
whereiswaldo (459052) writes "Word processors and other text-based have had spelling and grammar checking for years, but could IBM's Watson technology go a step further and provide a familiar squiggly underline for sentences that have no supporting evidence to back them up, while automatically link to the most authoritative source for sentences that are based in on fact? How might such an evolution in communication affect our consumption of news, topics of debate, science, and so on?"

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by Billly Gates (#48172273) Attached to: Debian Talks About Systemd Once Again

It can't do event driven launches and yes it does impact desktop users. Example, your on your corporate network on a laptop and you close the lid and take a plane to somewhere else and the laptop wakes up. How can Init handle something like this and know to configure it to a new network?

This is why Sun, Apple, and Ubuntu developed their own event driven systems. System D is not good. But event driven systems can respond to events like a hack attack, excess load, and other things for servers.

Init was made for stationary mini computers with only 20 text based commands and apps. It's not designed for the hacks we use to get it to work today on modern systems

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by Waffle Iron (#48172115) Attached to: Fusion and Fission/LFTR: Let's Do Both, Smartly

Second, people can read signs even after revolutions. If you put "severe radiation, stay out" on a concrete building, it'll be fine.

An additional advantage to those signs is that in a dystopian future, the terrorists are usually the good guys. The info will help direct those good guys to where they can find materials helpful in the fight against evil governments.

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