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Comment Re:At the same time, European Union bans incandesc (Score 1) 182

The EU has done no such thing. Yes, it banned the sale of classic lightbulbs

Do you even know what an incandescent bulb is??

But what you replace them with is your own choice

How can it be "your own choice" if you no longer have the option of the "classic lightbulbs"?

Comment Why Not Just Support Playback? (Score 1) 509

"For example, Appleâ(TM)s lossless .M4A or .H263 MPEG-4 content would be shown in a library even though Media Player could not play them."

Why would they tell you "You can't play this on Windows 7" when they obviously recognize the issue why wouldn't they just add the support to playback these files?

Comment No to Line Item Veto (Score 1) 873

So that Obama can completely eliminate any input from the minority party from any bill that reached his desk? At least now they have to compromise to get something passed. What would stop the D's from putting in everything that the R's wanted just to get something passed quickly, only to have Obama tkae the R's items out line by line? Line item should not be the solution.

The best bet is a one item, one bill approach. This way each item would be voted up or down and you could CLEARLY see who was opposed to what and who was for what items. This way politicians can't hide behind "I voted for the bill to ban money to stem cell research because it had a rider on it that increased military wages by 2% and I couldn't vote against that." It would eliminate hiding behind one thing to vote for another. And it would give the constituents a clear view of what their Senators and Representatives stood for. But you know that is exactly what our Representatives and Senators would fear most...a clear view of what they really are.

Comment Really a New Socket or Just Chipset?? (Score 1) 215

So is the socket physically different or is it just the chipset that operates with the chip? It seems to me to be the latter. The AM3 chip can't have pins that the AM2+ has or it wouldn't fit in the socket. Or does the AM3 have fewer pins?

Just sounds like a chipset upgrade to me.

Comment Is LSB Error Guarunteed? (Score 1) 499

Are all errors guaranteed to be in the least significant bit? What happens if it is in the most significant bit? What happens when you are doing AND/OR operations? I don't think any errors on such things would be necessarily good. "Gee, I can never seem to know what whether or not that option will be turned on in the program since the processor has intentional random errors."

What am I missing here?

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