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Comment: Re:Windows 8 seems like a solid product (Score 4, Interesting) 558

by BenLeeImp (#40845917) Attached to: Windows 8 Is Ready

You use a subscriber account to read the articles early, but use a different account to post shill. Just keep mashing F5 on the main page with your text ready in notepad. That way you avoid the karma hit and recognition as a shill poster. Just make a new one when it outlives its usefulness.

I'm not sure how it can be fixed off the top of my head. Maybe prevent new accounts from getting top post until they've made X other posts?

Comment: Re:Google+ and Circles (Score 3, Informative) 274

by BenLeeImp (#40690525) Attached to: Facebook Loses Users, Satisfaction Higher at Google+

Well, the visibility of the things you publish is based on who you have in your circles, so it doesn't really matter who adds you. That's kind of the point of the circles. You don't need a separate "fan" page, for instance, in order to publish different things for public/private consumption.

Comment: Re:How stupid they think hackers are? (Score 1) 184

by BenLeeImp (#40675555) Attached to: Android Jelly Bean Much Harder To Hack

He used a subscriber account to read the story early, type up a rather lengthy response, and then posted it using a brand-new account. You can tell this because his comment was posted in the same minute as the article, yet clearly took more than one minute to post. Astroturfers seem to use this method to post scathing commentary about company X (Google seems to be the most common), while avoiding the permanent karma hit (and recognition as an astroturfer) to their subscriber account.

It could also just be a troll posing as an astroturfer, and using this method to irritate the community. That distinction is largely irrelevant, however.

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