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Comment: Cinavia hasn't been broken (Score 2) 301

by BenJeremy (#49547787) Attached to: Microsoft, Chip Makers Working On Hardware DRM For Windows 10 PCs

Audio-based watermarking that survives a variety of attempts to process it, and even overcomes being recorded second-hand. ...and yet, all it requires is somebody digging into a Blu-ray player's firmware to determine the detection algorithm.

There are claims by products $$$$ that it has been cracked, but all of those methods involve a database for specific films to apply their "fix".

Comment: Re:It really sucks when the first post is wrong (Score 0) 112

by BenJeremy (#49537231) Attached to: Google Launches Project Fi Mobile Phone Service

...and what part of my comparing it to what my son's typical usage are you unable to process? My post infers that he regularly uses 3GB of data monthly on BoostMobile (see the part about him exceeding his data cap), which costs him $40/month and uses the same network as Google's Fi service. As a bonus, he doesn't have to use a specific, single model of phone.

Under Google's Fi service, basic service $20+ 3GB data $30 = $50

I guess math and reading comprehension is difficult for you?

Comment: Not actually $200 million (Score 1) 536

by BenJeremy (#49512811) Attached to: George Lucas Building Low-Income Housing Next Door To Millionaires

I'm sure a big part of that $200 million is the current valuation of the land, which he bought over 20 years ago.

I'd be surprised if at least $120 million of that number is the result of the increase in the property value for the land.

He's getting relief from property taxes and using land that would otherwise sit vacant. He gets a huge tax write off, something he likely needs for the next few years as his structured buy-out from Disney stacks up in his bank account.

At the same time, he does something good for the community while sticking it to his stuck up neighbors.

Comment: Never consumer ready (Score 3, Interesting) 229

by BenJeremy (#49452985) Attached to: 220TB Tapes Show Tape Storage Still Has a Long Future

Wake me when tape is reliable AND costs 10% of the $/GB of hard drive storage.

Worthwhile for enterprise... maybe. I haven't even looked at a tape backup in decades, but I do not relish paying more for a single tape than an entire 2TB HDD... as a consumer, or even as an enthusiast. It's cheaper and possibly more reliable to do backups to BD-R at this point, or simply use redundant HDDs as backup devices.

Comment: Re:What are those pixels for? (Score 1) 263

by BenJeremy (#49416979) Attached to: LG Accidentally Leaks Apple iMac 8K Is Coming Later This Year

I wouldn't mind a 39" curved monitor with 8k resolution, along with two 4k displays (left and right) oriented in portrait for my workstation.

Computer monitors are the one application of curved displays that actually makes sense.

I like my 3 WQHD displays, but there are still times when I'd like a bit more "space" for development and debugging.

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