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Submission + - How a young child fought off the AIDS virus->

sciencehabit writes: In 1996, a baby infected with HIV at birth was started on anti-AIDS drugs. But at age 6, against the advice of doctors, her family stopped treatment. Twelve years later, the young French woman is still healthy, with no detectable virus in her blood. Her unusual case, reported today at an international AIDS conference in Vancouver, Canada, may hold clues that might help other HIV-infected people control their infections without antiretroviral drugs and offer insights to AIDS vaccine developers.
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Comment Stopped at a GREEN traffic light. (Score 3, Insightful) 549

Where was this? I want to move there.
The driver two cars ahead of the autonomus car was stopped at a green light (according tot he video), properly avoiding entering the intersection until they could drive through it (there is a car stopped immediately at the end of the intersection according to the video).
That is some good driving on everyone's part, except the driver of the Lexus who rear-ended the autonomous car of course.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 452

I wish this aditude weren't so prevelant. You can run a user-centric service and still make money.

Instead of seeking vendor or ad revenue, just allow your users to support the site. Give them the opportunity to be a "site supporter" and throw them a bone. A different colored username can be enough, or maybe toss in one or two more "nicities" (not defacto requirements) like a larger inbox, or some other such thing.

This is how I run the forum I'm an administor of. We accept ad revenue and vendor revenue, but the main source of revenue is from the users and that will always be true. Paid vendors have been run off by the users for being bad players, and we like it that way.
Block the ads, we don't care.

I can only imagine the revenue Reddit could garner if they'd just give their users the chance to support the site for pennies a day.

Comment Why was the Volt not a pure series hybrid? (Score 2) 229

Pam Fletcher, as an automotive enthusiast (who is looking forward to our future of electric cars) in order to keep my brain from filling up completely, I don't keep track of all of the intricate differences between hybrid cars.
After learning the intricacies of each system, I tend to lump them into three categories for my convenience (plug-in capability being a sub-category itself).

Weak parallel hybrids; those with very minimal battery storage and no all-electric mode like the 1st gen Ford Escape.
Strong parallel hybrids; those with large battery capacity, all-electric mode, but the internal combustion engine still drives the wheels often like the Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, etc.
Series hybrids; AC Propulsion T-Zero with trailer generator (or any all-electric with a generator on a trailer for that matter), Chevy Volt, etc.

So I've lumped the Chevy Volt in the series hybrid group, although technically it can provide some power to the wheels mechanically via the internal combustion engine. With the Volt being so close to a pure series hybrid, I'd like to know why the leap to a pure series hybrid wasn't made completely? There must be one or a few solid reasons. Was it a serendipitous capability due to the packaging? What is necessary to satisfy focus group complaints? Was it to ensure a completely dead battery or charging system wouldn't side-line the vehicle? What was the thinking there?


Comment Re:Wireless charging hit mainstream ~ 1-2 years ag (Score 1) 184

Simple inductive charging (which looks like what you're talking about when you say "wireless" in your comment) is mainstream.

Wireless charging has been around for electric tooth brushes for at least 5 years now, maybe 10. It's been so long I won't even bother to give names.
Wireless charging for cosmetic electronics like the the Claresonic face brush has been around for at least 5 years.
Wireless charging for sex toys has been around for 3-5 years, for an example see the Wee-Vibe.
Wireless charging for electric cars has been around for 2-3 years as well. I believe Tesla does it, and the Nissan Leaf got it in 2013, among others.

It sounds to me like you're not buying the right category of devices.

Comment Re:What's scary is (Score 3, Informative) 177

You should give PaleMoon a try. Firefox without all the GUI madness of the last few years.

Also, I noticed this quote from the Firefox Hello page:
"Recently, we introduced Firefox Hello, the first global communications system built directly into a browser to help make things easier."

Have they never heard of Virtual Places? It was a browser with built-in chat rooms for each web page. Every web page you visited put you in a chat with everyone else on that page. There were avatars you moved around on the page, and "gestures" and, whatever. This was 1994 or so...

Comment Re:Download from the source (Score 4, Informative) 324

I wanted to be the solution to all of my app downloading/installing problems, but it turned out not being the solution to any of them. The idea is great, but one simple test showed the issue with this service. They try to make insalling an application a one-click affair, and they do this assuming the software you are installing does not install bloatware of it's own. So take Foxit PDF Viewer for example. This was a great, secure alternative to Adobe PDF Reader which many of us used happily for a while. But, as with most software like this, is started getting loaded down with bloat. Specifically, it tries to get you to install certain browser toolbars, or other such madness. This is the true installer from Foxit's website.

So, Ninite takes this installer, and makes sure nothing else has been added to it. However, they have no concept of the genuine installer forcing bloatware on you. It seems they are just checking for 3rd party bloat. So, with the genuine installer you have the option to uncheck this bloatware and not install it. This is not true with Ninite's one-click installer which accepts all of the defaults.

For me, this made ninite a non-starter, and I do as most of us do, and go to the app provider's site to download.

It's a shame.

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