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Comment: Re:not impressed (Score 5, Informative) 81

by BenFenner (#47230181) Attached to: Cockpit Revealed For Bloodhound Supersonic Car
No one has stopped doing wheel driven land speed cars. This is just a different class. If you want wheel driven, you can look to those classes and there is still plenty of partisipation. However, the wall of air encountered by a wheel driven car causes traction issues (imagine trying to accelerate pressed up against a birck wall) and at some point (I think it is around 400-500 MPH) the wheels just start spinning. it is not an issue of power. Power is easy to come by these days. The traction is the problem, especially on poor surfaces like salf flats. I agree it would be impressive to see these traction issues overcome, but it has been an issue since the ''60s and I don't see a solution in sight. Do you?

Comment: Slashdot Beta is back? (Score 1) 36

by BenFenner (#46724299) Attached to: Fire Risk From Panasonic Batteries In Sony Vaio Laptops
I was just pushed to Slashdot Beta. Truthfully, this is the first time I've taken a hard look at it. After some time giving it a real chance, I've decided the comment section is the most troublesome (still?) with the lack of truncated comments and abysmal contrast between the background and the separation delineations.

I thought they backed the fuck off of beta? Why is it back?

Comment: Re:Have you stopped beating your wife yet? (Score 5, Informative) 101

by BenFenner (#46279957) Attached to: Are You a Competent Cyborg?
Those who modded this poster as a troll have no clue what the poster is doing. They are pointing out that the headline of the article is a LEADING QUESTION, and pigeonholes the reader into a false scenario. The poster simply says they reject the premise that they are a cyborg at all.

The beating your wife question is a classic example of a leading question. Hopefully the post will get modded properly? I'm sorry kruach aum, there are some fools modding today.

Comment: Re:No longer able to autoHide tabs. (Score 3, Insightful) 365

While I appreciate your sentiment (trying to help) and that solution might work for some, I am not about to install a plug-in to gain back functionality I had to begin with. That is asinine for a single user, not to mention a non-starter when it comes to configuring the 1,000+ machines I support.

Comment: Re:Removed "Disable Javascript" check box (Score 1) 365

Who said I don't use tabs? I use tabs all the time. I just don't need a single tab telling me what site I'm on when I only have one tab open. The Location bar does a great job of that. The tab bar, when only one tab is open, is completely superfluous. It takes up tons of screen real-estate in the process.

One tab open (hidden tab bar):

Multiple tabs open (visible tab bar):

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