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Comment Yay, Apple (Score 1) 96

Important to understand that due to Apple's restrictions, this is not a port of the Gecko engine to iOS. It simply embeds a Safari's UIWebView into Firefox's 'skin'. Same goes for Chrome on iOS. Furthermore, Apple uses unexposed JavaScript optimizations to make Safari faster and doesn't allow those same optimizations in a UIWebView embedded in third party apps. So, unfortunately, Safari will always be the fastest browser on iOS. Yay, Apple.

Comment Re:Market share (Score 2, Informative) 481

I've had several times where I'm testing a site in IE6, find a bug or quirk, then press Ctrl-N to open a new IE6 window, and browse to W3C (or other web development related site) to find a reference to that particular element and determine its compatibility with the browser I'm currently in. I'd say that's pretty common.

Submission + - What's the best bank for a geek?

Ben174 writes: "I've banked at a couple different banks and haven't yet been able to find one that offers the features I need. I'd like to find a bank that supports open standards, such exporting my statement data to a XML file format. I'd also like to write scripts to monitor my account and send me emails when my balance reaches X, or if a transaction occurs within X miles from my zip code. Do any banks currently support this?"

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