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Comment: Re:Denon (Score 1) 210

by Ben Jackson (#29447035) Attached to: Fungivarius Beats $2 Million Stradivarius Violin

Even though I really like my (older) Denon receiver, I will never buy another one because of that "audiophile grade" Denon Link cable. If they'll rip someone off for 6' of cat 5 (with directionality arrow!!) I have to believe that they're ripping me off at least a little bit on anything I buy. I was really quite bummed when I saw it: I had always assumed that when I bought a better receiver I'd just get another Denon and not have to worry about it.


Comcast Intercepts and Redirects Port 53 Traffic 527

Posted by kdawson
from the why-we-need-ipv6 dept.
An anonymous reader writes "An interesting (and profane) writeup of one frustrated user's discovery that Comcast is actually intercepting DNS requests bound for non-Comcast DNS servers and redirecting them to their own servers. I had obviously heard of the DNS hijacking for nonexistent domains, but I had no idea they'd actually prevent people from directly contacting their own DNS servers." If true, this is a pretty serious escalation in the Net Neutrality wars. Someone using Comcast, please replicate the simple experiment spelled out in the article and confirm or deny the truth of it. Also, it would be useful if someone using Comcast ran the ICSI Netalyzr and posted the resulting permalink in the comments.

+ - How do you handle your customers' constultants?

Submitted by
galenoftheshadows writes: "We have a customer who has an executive contractor from one of those corporate executive companies. Recently, since the company is going through a fairly decent amount of growth, executive contractor called in some higher up from his employer. The recent consultant has all but cut off our past good relationship with the company by eliminating the position of one of our main contacts, and recommending to owner (whom I previously had a good relationship with) that we're a shady company. She has managed to persuade them into purchasing, (but not using, they've been sitting in their stockroom for over a month now,) $60,000 in new servers to replace systems who's previous working had been unquestioned, and hindered projects in the works by calling in "independent consultants" to analyze said projects. The most recent thorn in our side has been the idea that the machine rack we provided them will not fit rackmount units. Has anyone ever had to deal with this kind of thing? What would you do? How would you handle your customers' independent consultants?"

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