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Comment Re:I know this is only 1 person and 1 family but.. (Score 1) 357

How do you know it's GMOs causing it? You said yourself that when you switched to "organic, grass fed, no pesticides, no herbicides milk" - suddenly no problem. You've just lumped GMO into the same category as "organic" and assume the health results are a result of it being GMO.

You realize that it may just be the pesticides and not necessarily the GMO-ness of the food? You're aware that food can be *both* GMO and organic, right? Organic simply means that no pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used in the production.

Comment Re:What the heck is a 'threat to humanity'? (Score 2) 235

Could be lots of things :

- Genetically engineered airborne supervirus (think 12 Monkeys movie plot)
- Self replicating nano-bot swarm / grey goo
- Actual AI replacing humans
- Nukes
- New type of super-weapon (like a hydrogen bomb) that requires significantly less effect or difficult materials to create

This concept really isn't new; it's one of the ideas of why we haven't seen any evidence of life outside Earth (fermi paradox); that civilizations eventually destroy themselves via technology before they establish bases on other planets. Humans are certainly in that category right now; there's enough nukes out there in existence to do that. The point being made, is that scientific advancements will make it easier for a single individual to kill more other people (possibly wipe out the whole human race) than in any other point in history.

As long as we have a concept of individuality (meaning not a hive mind), there's a risk that some individuals will trigger the downfall of civilization as we know it, and kill all humans (fulfilling the wishes of Bender Rodriguez). This is especially true with the current social and political situations we have now. Whether it's a nutty eco-terrorist looking to wipe out all humans to return to a "natural" state, or a religious fanatic hoping to trigger the apocalypse, or just someone mentally ill - scientific progress will continue to increase the likeliness for a single individual (or a handful) to wipe out humanity. Pretty sure that was the point

Comment Re:The arrogance.. (Score 1) 267

Sadly, this is probably the only way the NSA is ever going to be dismantled - when the biggest supporters and cheerleaders from the NSA realize their own conversations are being recorded.

Hey NSA employees! Are you concerned about the overreach of the spying capabilities of your organization? Would you like to do something about it, but not face prison time like Manning, or live a live of exile like Snowden? Well here's your chance to start Operation Dirty Laundry! Find some juicy tidbits from important people out there and stick 'em on the interwebs! Perhaps some sort of exchange between Obama and his doctor, discussing his hemorrhoid problem. Or perhaps a nice conversation between Rubio and Mitch McConnel discussing what a sea cow Angela Merkel is. Maybe a conversation between Paul Ryan and his wife about how she caught one of their kids with pornography. Or how about a tech-heavy conversation between Hillary and one of her aides over her smart phone? Boy I'd love to hear that last one - is she truly tech-ignorant about her private server, or is she playing dumb? Either way, great!

But anyway, it's not time to play party favorites here - try to be equally fair here to both parties here. And don't post anything career-ending for them; just mildly embarrassing content that you wouldn't want your co-workers to know about. They can't take action if their careers are over. Ideally we want the most vocal congressmen and presidential candidates still in the running. Now get to it!

Comment Fantastic for package theft (Score 1) 277

So, instead of having at least a chance of being home to answer the door with a human driver knocking / ringing the doorbell - the drone is going to drop off the package on my doorstep with no notice? Sure, I suppose you could integrate some app / notification system on a smartphone or something - but that's not going to help if I don't have a smartphone (or it's not around when the package is delivered).

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 514

Imagine for a minute that certain drinks with no added salt / sugar were forced to have a label (WARNING: Conatains electrolytes). Or perhaps some like (Contains Di-hydrogen monoxide). How many ignorant people would change their buying patterns based on that? What benefit would this provide for your average consumer?

That's the issue here. Today the anti-GMO argument is "Well, if there's nothing wrong with GMOs, then why don't you label them?" If labeling is enforced, then 10 years from now the anti-GMO movement will be saying "Oh yeah, well if there's nothing bad about GMOs, why are they forced to label them?"

Comment Re:Hey Uber- pay up! You are BREAKING THE LAW! (Score 1) 210

Cab prices are high and fares are inflated because of artificial scarcity via taxi medallions. That's the real issue here. This is why you wait over an hour on a late weekend night, or 3+ hours on new year's eve for a taxi. Cab drivers either have to buy a medallion at a ridiculously inflated price (via a 2nd mortgage or something) OR they have to lease one out from $$richowner$$ who makes money by doing absolutely nothing (at the expense of every cab patron, who pays slightly more).

And look at who is profiting - DIng! It's the senior executives and investors of these parasitical companies.

. Oh, the irony in your post. I'm surprised you didn't mention the "parasitical senior executives of craigslist taking away jobs from pawn shop owners that can't support their families".

If you're going to criticize anything Uber does, it should be the blatant disregard for local regulations that put taxis at a disadvantage. Force them to adhere to the same standards that taxis have to do (passenger insurance, proper bookkeeping to ensure drivers pay income tax, sales tax if applicable on fares, etc..) Once they're all on the same playing field, then there's nothing legitimate for taxis to complain about.

And finally, your "race to the bottom of the wage barrel" doesn't really apply here. If prices drop and your average uber driver makes less, then the consumers and passengers benefit! If the level field is completely even and your average cab fare is much lower, then the cab drivers were making far more than they would have via normal supply and demand . The only losers are those that own the medallions (and the taxi drivers who provide shitty customer service; who are forced to clean up their cabs, play music that the customer wants to hear, and clear their cars more frequently. Boo hoo).

Comment Re:read it and weep (Score 1) 247

Read it and weep. TTIP and TISA yet to go. This was all planned back in 1985 when the Masters of the Universe began the Narrative and implemented several measures to discourage women from tech careers.

I don't know about you, but I don't think He-Man and his crew sought to discourage women from employment in certain fields. His actions appeared to be fairly progressive for the mid-80's. After all, his twin sister had basically the same job in a male-dominated career of villain foiling and he seemed perfectly fine with that.

Comment Re:Oh sigh (Score 1) 585

No, YOU are talking about harassment. Harassment != Offense. Comments or actions that aren't directed towards specific individuals or organizations don't qualify as harassment. Read the link here; this isn't about harassment. Colleges and campuses are classifying statements like "I believe the most qualified individual should get the job" as offensive microaggressions. As soon as anyone becomes offended by a statement, then it's censored.

That's the issue we are talking about here. Harassment still isn't tolerated on campuses, and it's not the topic of conversation here.

Comment Re:Didn't generalize sufficiently (Score 1) 330

You're right in that air conditioning is technically a subset of refrigeration, but I don't think that air conditioning really revolutionized society (or disrupted) in the same sense here, so that's why it's not included or mentioned here. Having air conditioning is more of a luxury, being able to enjoy a slightly cooler room in the heat. Having a small compartment between -20 and 5 degrees radically altered socialization, commerce, food preparation, etc..

Comment Re:Gun Control... (Score 1) 822

My thoughts are that, the "Ban all the guns" group is wishful thinking. That ship has sailed, and if you try to ban guns, then only outlaws will have guns, and I don't think that's any good.

I like your points here, and i generally agree here with your stance here for toddlers (or basically, someone acquiring a gun that's not qualified to handle one). But I can't really agree with that stance on "only outlaws will have guns", especially when it comes to school shootings or a rampage of a similar nature. Yes, your criminal organizations and inner city gangs will still have their guns, but we could still reduce the number of mass shooting instances by making it more difficult to acquire them in the first place. Or alternatively, make it more difficult to acquire more powerful guns; semi-automatic weapons, assault rifles, etc...

The people involved in these mass shootings aren't exactly the most socially proficient - if they couldn't just run to a gun store or pawn shop and pick something up easily, how else would they acquire one? They don't exactly have connections to the black market. They couldn't just order one online (with restrictions in place on these types of weapons). Are they going to ask their classmates, hoping they don't rat them out? Making guns more difficult to own could result in higher instances of potential shooters getting caught before the shit goes down, or discouraging them from trying in the first place.

Comment Meaningless question (Score 1) 153

Are games art? Well they definitely contain art and require some creative input and material. So maybe Zork or other text-based games might technically not count as art; call it adventuring or role playing or something? It's like asking if an art gallery itself, is technically "art" (Not really? Sort of? Maybe? but it contains artworks).

The most important question is, who cares whether video games technically count as art or not? I could take a dump in a styrofoam container, cover it in rainbow sprinkles, put some edgy label on there like "GMO free" or "Monsanto", and sneak it into an art gallery - and people would be convinced it's technically "art". The existing definition is so vague, that's it's practically meaningless.

Comment Re:Still confusing. (Score 1) 278

What I learned from this article, was that the metre was the initial arbitrary unit that formed the basis of the metric system (I think). The relationship is that 1kg of water = 1 liter = 1 cubic decimeter. But one of these had to come first, and as a result of an arbitrary unit. If a kilogram was slightly heavier or lighter, then that would have altered our metric measurements of volume and weight by a slight amount too

Another poster here mentioned that the meter was originally intended to be 1/10,000,000th of the distance from the pole to the equator, but it's been redefined twice, and now it's supposed to be X number of wavelengths of an line of krypton-86 . And then finally, this was redefined again in 1983 as the distance light travels in 1/299792458 of a second.

What I don't get it, shouldn't the kilogram have been defined and redefined then as the weight of a cubic dm of water each of these times then too? Why is there an attempt to base this on Avogadro's or Plank's constant?

Comment Re:Canada (Score 2) 278

No, they won't all bow down to banks and corporate interests. This isn't Republicans vs Democrats in the US.

The Conservatives support the TPP, that's obvious. The NDP does NOT - not sure where you get the idea they're bought by corporations. In the recent provincial election in Alberta, the top 70 corporate donations went to one of the two right wing parties (PC, Wildrose). NDP was the only party to claim they'd raise corporate taxes. Granted, that's at the provincial level but the party ideology doesn't differ that much at the federal level.

It's unlikely that the Conservatives or NDP will win a majority government at the federal level, so the TPP being enforced will mostly depend on the stance the liberal party takes. Right now, Trudeau's not giving a solid answer on the TPP, just stating "will need to evaluate it". The pessimist in me thinks they're probably going to support it (but they don't want to publicly take a stance yet - and to be fair the dealings are highly secretive so that's a fair statement to make). But it's really up in the air as to whether it'll be passed.

Comment Re:Well my mum still calls a vacuum cleaner a hoov (Score 1) 262

Maybe because iPads and Surface Pros have just a wee bit more to do with current tech than a Hoover? Of course, maybe you don't realize that an article about tablet branding might be more appealing than vacuum cleaner branding on a site attempting to display "News for Nerds"

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