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Comment: I Prefer Not To Buy More Crap (Score 1) 247

by BeaverAndrew (#29576603) Attached to: In Trial, Kindles Disappointing University Users
So now on top of paying pretty much the same cost for a textbook, I'm also expected to shell out a bunch of money on a Kindle to read them on? Honestly, if I'm going to get a digital copy of a book, I'll just use my laptop. If I am given a Kindle as some sort of experiment, whatever, but I honestly don't plain on dropping any dime on an independent device. Lets be serious, I hardly read the books I have. Just kidding. But seriously.

Comment: Reminds Me of Paycheck (Score 1) 183

by BeaverAndrew (#29572655) Attached to: "Time Telescope" Could Boost Fibre-Optic Communications
This reminds me of the movie Paycheck where they create a "time telescope" to see the future. I was surprised to see the post wasn't about seeing the future/past but rather the future of fiber optics. Certainly, I'm not going to complain if this eventually helps me download movies faster. Maybe at that speed, 2408 picoseconds faster is a big deal, like .1 second is a big deal to a 100m dash runner but irrelevant to a 1600m runner.

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