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Comment: Isn't this very similar to the PS4? (Score 4, Interesting) 110

"[...] it allows for unified memory architectures and eventually cache coherency"

Isn't this more or less precisely how the PS4 is designed? If my memory(!) servers me correctly I'd call this a pretty good design move by Sony, something that should potentially bode well for the longevity of that console, once the games are designed for this type of architecture.

Comment: Re:How to make windows great for gaming (Score 1) 158

by Beamboom (#44584539) Attached to: Microsoft Closes PC Marketplace
I was trying to be funny. To "install Ubuntu" is just not an answer to the question "how to make WINDOWS great for gaming", just like "enter a plane" is not the answer to the questions "how to make a car fly". I am a Linux user myself and the day Steam came to Linux was a fantastic day. A majority of the games I currently own on Steam today runs on Linux.

Comment: Legit, but part of the trade (Score 2) 331

by Beamboom (#44466699) Attached to: Why PBS Won't Do Android
Their arguments are legit, but rooted in the old-fashioned way of designing/thinking user interfaces. In todays world professional designers *must* learn to build dynamic interfaces. There's simply no way around it any more. It comes with the trade. To say "we skip this platform cause we don't have fixed pixel measurements to design within" is another way of saying "we have got designers who simply refuse to learn modern design work." In a few years time we need to design interfaces that works both on tablets, car stereos, fridges and friggin' GLASSES, ffs. Tell the world then that you don't want to relate to dynamic interfaces in your work... :D

Comment: Re:Stop renting DVD's (Score 2) 547

by Beamboom (#42019549) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Make a DVD-Rental Store More Relevant?
As unfortunate as it is for your friend there Timothy, Hawks is right. I seriously do not see one single thing a DVD store owner can do to make his store more relevant for me. Here in Norway DVD stores along with record stores have practically vanished completely. Those who are still in business has turned more into regular candy stores than DVD stores.

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