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Comment Re:Headers (Score 5, Informative) 562

The availability of competing providers varies by market. There are parts of the US with NO broadband available at all, and others where there is only one carrier. Also, the whole issue here seems to be that the "terms" he accepted withheld relevant information - and that IS grounds for legal appeal.

Comment Re:Why the hell was this research conducted at all (Score 1) 273

A long as they have the proper containment it's not really different from other contagious disease research. Just like breeding velociraptors is not worse than breeding tigers.

Yes, as long as. So - once the process for making the buggers is published, how can we make sure nobody will make em WITHOUT observing proper containment procedures?

Comment It's bio-WMD, regardless of its creators' intent (Score 1) 273

Here's a thought: Suppose some day we're faced with an army of 10-foot tall Charles Manson clones with chainsaws for arms! What would we do? Don't know? Well then, I guess we'd better head for the lab and create a few so we can TRY to figure out a way to stop them - and then of course, we'll print a magazine article with detailed instructions on how to do it. It's science! What could possibly go wrong?!? Folks, H5N1 isn't just a scientific curiosity; it is a killer with its own agenda, and it doesn't give two farts what its inventors have in mind. History has shown us that influenza requires no human encouragement to ravage us. Am I sick of the government censoring things? Yes - but I'm also just plain sick. I am, literally, ill right now with a virus. I know I'm going to get well, but right now I can easily imagine: "What if I wasn't? Suppose I knew that my illness it would only get steadily worse until I died in horrible misery - and that by my very presence, I would endanger the lives of everyone close to me?" Personally, I can imagine nothing more terrifying. I'd rather live next door to a nuclear power plant than live anywhere in the same planetary atmosphere as just one instance of highly-contagious H5N1. Influenza doesn't care if it evolved naturally or if it's shepherded into existence by a Nobel laureate, or cooked up a captive scientist working for terrorists, or brewed by a scientifically-gifted but delusional fanatic who believes God wants him to cleanse the world with a plague. It's a WMD that requires neither missile nor bomb to disperse; a "suicide bomber" need only infect himself, then get onto a bus or plane and sneeze on everyone.

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