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+ - Interesting TSA bomb-defusing techniques-> 1

Submitted by Beacon11
Beacon11 (1499015) writes "Considering traveling with any amount of jury-rigged electronics? Your success may vary depending on whether or not the TSA personnel looking at your property watch shows like 24, and whether or not your wires are red. Based on the experience of a few engineers who traveled with a stereo vision rig exposing power and synchronization wiring harnesses, the TSA may decide to start clipping wires."
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Comment: Re:More facetime (Score 1) 1145

by Beacon11 (#43257545) Attached to: SendGrid Fires Employee After Firestorm Over Inappropriate Jokes
Amen. I'm a guy and I probably would have been uncomfortable with their comments as well. In fact, I'd be just as uncomfortable if a woman made similar jokes. However, I don't look upon either as being sexist, I simply look upon them as being off-color. I think of bad language in the same way.

Comment: Re:This is a loaded question (Score 1) 951

by Beacon11 (#42039903) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Video Games Keep You From Using Linux?
I'm in the same boat as fearofcarpet-- I use Linux for speed. All I use Windows for is gaming. Other than antivirus, I actually have nothing else installed-- no cygwin, no bash, no perl, etc. And I'm still not surprised that Windows is slow. Linux and Windows are on separate mechanical hard drives with the same model number-- Linux boots in seconds, Windows boots in minutes. Linux logs in in seconds, Windows logs in (and finishes... whatever it's doing) in minutes. "Running in a dream" is a perfect analogy for Windows.

Comment: OpenEmbedded (Score 1) 135

by Beacon11 (#37772850) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Which OS For an Embedded Display Unit?
You can't go wrong with OpenEmbedded. BitBake recipes are ideal. It doesn't really sound like you need something as full-blown as Android, but I may be wrong. You say you need app management-- it would be nice to have some more details here, e.g. will the end-user be installing and removing apps on his or her own? I ask because it sounds like it's the only feature specific to Android you would actually use. I bet maintaining a BitBake repo would work just as well in your situation, but I'm just guessing. I would take a look at the Gumstix Overo platform.

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