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Comment: Re:Money (Score 5, Insightful) 114

by BeShaMo (#45396273) Attached to: Journalists Banned From Using Smartphones At 2014 Sochi Olympics?
Fuck the Olympics. All the nice core values it was created to support, Excellence, Friendship and Respect have been steamrolled by the increasing escalation in cost, the need/desire for massive all encompassing sponsorship deals and the general arrogant douchery of the IOC.

At most the host city will benefit from some upgraded infrastructure, probably long overdue, but very rarely will the host come close to recouping the cost they have put in, and a lot of the money goes to waste, meaning that if they had spend the money purely on improving their citizens live, it would have gone much further. Supporters counter this by saying that the host will get more back in the long term from business promotion and tourism, but this claim is dubious at best, but being a very hard thing to quantify it's also impossible to refute, but considering it's mostly held in cities that are already some of the most popular tourist destination and business hubs, it's hard to see what real difference is being made.

At the end of the day, the Olympics have very successfully branded themselves as a must have event, however the only ones who really benefits are the sponsors who gets a venue where a country's normal safeguards and laws are completely nullifies, the politicians who get to stand on the grandest stage of all and proclaim how awesome they are and the of course the members of IOC who gets to take home fat bribes.

Again, fuck the Olympics. The great white elephant of the modern age.

Comment: Re:Reasons to take a game off the market (Score 1) 397

by BeShaMo (#42113779) Attached to: GOG: How an Indie Game Store Took On the Pirates and Won

Third, I'd be interested to see how video games are substantially different from movies and TV series in this respect. The film Song of the South (1946) was briefly available on LaserDisc in some markets. It has not since been rereleased on DVD or Blu-ray anywhere, allegedly because of a change in prevailing moral values among viewers.

Not really counter to your argument, but Song of the South was released outside the US, at least in the VHS days. I remember a promo for it on my Aladdin or Lion King tape bought in the UK when I was but a wee boy :)

Comment: Re:Just block all ads and don't worry about it (Score 5, Insightful) 716

by BeShaMo (#41076735) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: To AdBlock Or Not To AdBlock?
The advantage you have with something like BBC, which might not be so obvious, is that when it doesn't rely on ads, you, not the advertisers become the customer. That allows for the possibility of a much broader appeal in programs and importantly (if done right) and independent media that does not have to worry about advertisers opinions, or what market segments a particular program should fit into to maximize profit.

Comment: Re:Interesting times ahead potentially.. (Score 1) 167

by BeShaMo (#40652731) Attached to: Valve Continues Recruiting Top Linux Talent
I know you're trolling, but if they make their own Steambox based on Linux but also support the standard Linux Desktops, I can not see anyone object. If their Linux effort on the other hand becomes limited to a closed console, although based on Linux, there will be a lot of disappointment out there, and rightly so.

Comment: Re:It's from Microsoft and this is Slashdot... (Score 1) 1027

by BeShaMo (#40330817) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's Your Beef With Windows Phone?
There is certainly a lot to hate in the current market of locked down systems and no privacy. The point is that Windows Phone is not helping, so why should I be using it? It does not have the cool factor (yeah I know) that Apple does, nor the geeky fiddle with it mentality of Android. Thus it positions it self as a phone that doesn't real appeal to any specific segment, except perhaps corporate.
Classic Games (Games)

+ - Space Quest fans create retro adventure game to support new SpaceVenture-> 9

Submitted by
Decaffeinated Jedi
Decaffeinated Jedi writes "A team of fans has released a short retro point-and-click adventure game titled "Pledge Quest I: The SpaceVenture Adventure" to rally support for the new Kickstarter from Space Quest creators, the Two Guys from Andromeda. The game features its protagonist, Bea (named for Roger Wilco's love interest in the Space Quest series), completing a series of puzzles that culminate in her logging on to her computer and making a pledge in support of the upcoming sci-fi/comedy SpaceVenture game from the Two Guys. The "Pledge Quest" game was conceptualized and developed by fans in just a few short days, in hope that it would rally support for the Two Guys' SpaceVenture (which reaches its deadline on June 12)."
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+ - Ask Slashdot: Re-kickstarting our Kickstarter?-> 9

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "We are supporters of an old-school adventure game Kickstarter that is dealing with "Kickstarter fatigue". The project itself is a sarcastic/comedic, science-fiction adventure, with reknowned and proven talent behind it — now that Kickstarter's adventure game honeymoon period is seemingly over, the big gaming and news sites are not interested in the project, community sites are not interested in front paging articles about the project, and famous twitterers with sci-fi leanings have all but ignored our request for twitter help. Due to the reluctance of the big gaming sites in talking about Kickstarter projects, it is up to the fans to try and get this across the line in the next 8 days — what other avenues or sites can we use to get word about our project to a wider audience, without coming across as spammers?"
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Data Storage

+ - 80 year old Greenland photos-> 1

Submitted by QQBoss
QQBoss (2527196) writes "Old tech has lasting power, for sure. 80 year old silver glass plates of Greenland from Knud Rasmussen's mapping expedition surveys have been located and are clean enough to allow calculation of glacial melting in the 1930s. (*paywalled*, sorry)

What is the chance a topic like this could actually revolve around differences in quality of long term archival storage technologies and not devolve into what we all know exactly will happen?"

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