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by stud9920 (#46675791) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion
point 4. "of" is not a verb. Additionally, science never claimed consanguineous children are necessarily unhealthy, it only tells they will be if a defect is not counterbalanced with a healthy gene. This is why hemophiliacs are mostly always males, as females rarely have BOTH X chromosomes fucked up, while the Y chromosome doesn't carry that gene to begin with.

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by stud9920 (#46675607) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion
The Internet simply destroyed the argument of authority. Whoever has access to the Internet has to possibility to check facts, and will be exposed to debunk of the BS, affirmation of the BS, BS ate my balls, BS's tweets. "Authority says so, it must be true" is doomed with the ease of checking, although this is somewhat balanced by the ease to forward BS you hear on your Facebook account, itself balanced by obsessive compulsive nerds like myself who take a pride in debunking it in less than 12 seconds.
Then seven years ago smartphones came along, and even at the bar BS is easily debunked. Some story some dude tells at the bar can't leave a mark in people's subconscious anymore.

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If parents want to turn their kids into idiots, that less competition for me when the world needs real engineers to do real shit (stuff that requires real math, not prayer).

I used to think the kids getting more stupid was a good thing for those who don't as it meant less competition. But then I thought that eventually, we'd have to support these dumb fucks, either by some kind of welfare system, either by other solutions all worse. Ultimately, with your level of education remaining the same, you'd be better off with them out-competing then supporting you.

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Another important difference is what can be done to correct things. If I am a terrible driver, I can be quite motivated to stop crashing, or stop driving. However, increasing your premiums doesn't make people stop having type 1 diabetes, or magically fixing a bad back. Leukemia? Let's raise your fees, and you'll get better in no time.

Increased premiums, though, ARE what makes a nation of cowards. If you look up any extreme or injury heavy sports, you'll see that there are much fewer participants in the USA.
Take for instance paragliding, for which there are 30x more participants in France than in the USA (if you take hanggliding into account, which is mostly discarded in Europe as an impractical ancestor of paragliding, you'll still get a 6x figure). In Western Europe, any injury short of death is covered mostly free of charge. In the USA you'll have to sell your house (if you have one) to pay the medical bills. In the end, I suspect only wealthy people engage in such sports

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You could buy computers with backs that opened, and you could configure them with new hardware...

Yeah, too bad you can't swap monitors, graphic adaptors, hard disks or SSDs, cpus and memory anymore. The evil corporations took away that possibility to increase profit. Oh wait, you can still do that.

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