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Comment: Re:See? (Score 1) 267

by Bardwick (#39303213) Attached to: Japan's Nuclear Energy Industry Nears Shutdown
I agree 100%, but that puts it WAY too mildly. The trade imbalance went off a freaking cliff! Increased thier oil imports by 70% this year just to keep the lights on. The U.S. acted immediatley, not wanting to be outdone by the japanese: "While NFP dominated the headlines, the US Trade Balance (deficit) limped out and dropped far more than expected. At a $52.565bn Deficit, this is the worst trade balance since October 2008. Perhaps more shocking is the fact that the 3 month drop (rise in deficit) is the largest ever on record."

Comment: Re:Been there, done that (Score 1) 221

by Bardwick (#39200457) Attached to: North Korea Agrees To Suspend Nuclear Activities
How many times will you do that to a openly hostile military based nation with nuclear weapons? Most of the food will feed the army, who just recently threatened war over being able to see christmas lights across the border? I have no problem sending them food, as long as the people that recieve it are told that it came from the United States.

Comment: Re:That is why I frequently and easily lend out my (Score 2) 354

by Bardwick (#39079757) Attached to: How Companies Learn Your Secrets
It's usually not the store that does it (alone). I worked data storage for a company that pulls customer buying information from grocery stores, retail outlets, large financial institutions, well, just about from everyone. Major banks foward them your credit card sweeps about the same time it shows up on your online statement. Last I was there, roughly three years ago, they had 87 ASSUMED data fields on over 30 million consumers, which were extrememly accurate. 12 employees to support a 7 TB oracle RAC.

Comment: Re:And three, two, one... (Score 1) 596

by Bardwick (#38986453) Attached to: US Approves Two New Nuclear Reactors
The same California that will be broke and paying employees/contractors with IOU's *AGAIN*? Eventually (not just California, we're going to realize that maybe, JUST maybe, we can't afford everything we want. Me thinks it would have cost a lot less to build a Nuke plant vs. massive wind farms. Not knocking the technology, I fully intend to go solar/wind for personal use (Home owners assoc won't allow either at this point though), just saying...

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