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Comment: Re:Old news...very old (Score 1) 207

by Banichi (#45973631) Attached to: Why Birds Fly In a V Formation

>The vortex is behind the vehicle, not beside it.
>you're far better off following semi's.

Relative mass, speed and volume of air shoved aside are all considerations. A semi driving in the near lane almost took me off the sidewalk and into oncoming traffic when I was bicycling down a local hill, once upon a time.

Comment: MI - Went at 7:30, got out at around 9. (Score 1) 821

by Banichi (#41897507) Attached to: U.S. Election Day In Progress: What's Been Your Experience?

Three precincts voting in a small 1 basketball court sized gym. Three lines, one precinct each.
The "greeter" who let the people in line outside know what was what and how the lines inside worked was amazing. Answered everyone's questions and did a fantastic job, really knew his stuff.
Lines for my precinct were crazy long, they stopped letting people in periodically, since there wasn't anywhere for the line to lengthen to.
An hour or so in line.
Except for one incident (mine of course) with the Ballot distributor table, everything was very professional.
They mis-numbered the ballot before mine as my number, so there was a 10 minute holdup while that got sorted out.
Other than that, everything went swimmingly.

Though the two white-collar-shirt layabouts in the back (one male, one female), not doing anything but chatting and sipping coffee for the entire time I was there was a bit off-putting. They could have been a big help straightening out lines and actually doing something other than watching. Maybe they were observers? I'd like to know what poll's they were at, see if mine was one of them.

Comment: Re:As soon as you have anything to take (Score 2) 293

by Banichi (#41324677) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: When Is It a Good Idea To Incorporate?

Good Lawyer is the emphasis.

An acquaintance of mine is currently talking to the IRS/State/Local tax revenuers due to the notices they had sent going to the lawyer who set up the LLC, instead of her. The lawyer didn't notify anyone that the LLC was dissolved after two years of non-payment to the revenuers, 10+ years ago.

The lawyer saw my acquaintance just about every month since, so no "out of sight, out of mind" accident claims. This was a massive screw up on his part.

Long story short, fuck lawyers. Do the heavy lifting yourself.
Oh, the law is so obtuse you can't get a foothold?
Welcome to America, here's your accordion.

Comment: Re:I don't see this happening in the US. (Score 1) 705

by Banichi (#40887933) Attached to: Meat the Food of the Future

Um, no.
The cattle and bison species are different enough that they require different management methods. Bison, the way you appear to want to use them, are closer to deer.

Letting 33 Million cows go free-range will result in a lot of dead cows. The current crop of cows is stuffed to the gills with anti-biotics. Letting the non-disease resistant cattle go free will result in a lot of dead diseased cattle.

Switching to a mutton based meat harvest would keep us all in red meat, reduce the feed/ton, the acreage/ton, and the waste/ton that is created by cattle vs sheep. Unfortunately, Texans would have to put up with a lot more animal-fucker jokes, so kiss that idea goodbye.

Comment: Re:Serious question: (Score 1) 694

by Banichi (#40461101) Attached to: ADA May Force Netflix To Provide Closed Captioning On Content

The disabled are not being forbidden to experience these media, they simply lack the ability to do so to the fullest.

Deaf people have a right to listen to whatever they can hear, but not the ability.
Hungry people have a right to eat, but not the ability.

This is why the end result of this will be the case being appealed into oblivion or thrown out.
Mind, it may bankrupt Netflix in the process.

Comment: Re:Are open-source desktops losing? (Score 1) 663

by Banichi (#40457253) Attached to: Are Open-Source Desktops Losing Competitiveness?

Funny you should mention that.
I installed Mint and Kubuntu in succession over the weekend. I liked them both at first, and then liked Kubuntu better, and wound up keeping it in a dual boot setup with Windows 7.

Figuring out how to mess with the bootloader to change which OS booted first was nervewracking, but ultimately both simple and empowering. I wound up renaming exactly two files, and didn't need to reformat or reinstall anything. The fact that I can now see and copy files from Windows to Kubuntu is just Icing on the cake. That wasn't possible the last time I tried a Linux distro.

I'm going to be doing a lot of testing to see what Wine can do for me, in preparation for abandoning Windows as my main OS.

Comment: Re:Crazy advice (Score 1) 726

by Banichi (#40389457) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Science-Fiction/Fantasy For Kids?

>"I read him some of the short stories in Isaac Asimov's I, Robot. He liked these, but I could tell he was having a hard time keeping up."

Letting him finish reading anything on his own might take the unstated threat/insult of "you aren't good enough for the books your father reads" entirely out of the equation.

Again, if he doesn't like books, stop making him feel guilty for not wanting to read them.

The problem the OP has is his problem for having unrealistic expectations, namely that his son wants all the same things, and wants to do them the exact same way his father does.

Stop giving your kids neuroses, Slashdot.

Professional wrestling: ballet for the common man.