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Comment: Engineers are better at dodging bullets (Score 1) 736

by Banekartr (#30592976) Attached to: Why Do So Many Terrorists Have Engineering Degrees
Do a search for "Taliban terrorists killed" and you will find hundreds of results of our boys doing a great job. I'm willing to bet 99% of these idiots who were killed had no degrees at all. It seams the real observation here is that there are more engineering terrorists who figure out a way to avoid being killed. So, the real title of this should be: How do so many terrorists with engineering degrees avoid our bullets?

Comment: Business Intelligence (Score 1) 180

by Banekartr (#26525137) Attached to: Visualizing Complex Data Sets?
What kind of data is it? What are you trying to figure out by looking at the data? What type of people will be looking at it? Depending on these answers, I may recommend one of the leading BI tools on the market. IBM Cognos SAP Business Objects Microstrategy These COTS solutions are focused on visualizing masses of data, usually for some type of pattern discovery or decision making.
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+ - DARPA to raise robot army - LANdroids->

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Banekartr writes "The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency plans to develop a fleet of robots that soldiers can deploy in urban combat settings as they move through houses and along streets. The program, dubbed LANdroid, envisions miniature autonomous drones that can form a network capable of relaying radio traffic in a setting often considered challenging for communications equipment. According to a notional image of a LANdroid included in a DARPA pamphlet, each robot will be about the size of a deck of cards, and must be rugged, lightweight and able to operate for seven to 14 days, the agency said. Demand for technologies to improve the military's ability to fight in urban settings has increased in recent years because many of the operations in Iraq take place in Baghdad and other Iraqi metropolitan settings. DARPA officials will provide additional information about the program during a July 6 industry day."
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