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Comment Oxygen administration? (Score 1) 112

I wonder if there's a link between ALS ambulances and the practice of giving oxygen to heart attack patients?

A recent study in Victoria, Australia found that there was a 20% increase to the damage to the heart if given oxygen by ambulance paramedics.

Perhaps, in general, the BLS ambulances don't carry as much oxygen and thus administer it less frequently?

Submission + - Building your own wireless sensors (

Henrik Ekblad writes: is packed with instructions for building your own wireless sensors. The sensor nodes automatically routes messages to allow communication with nodes far away and communication is bi-directional.

The community driven project has already created plugins for a bunch of different HA controllers to make the home build sensors work seamlessly with other propriety products.

The step-by-step guides will get you up and running quickly to detect motion, distance, temperature, humidity. The site also provide actuator examples for controlling lights with relays or blinds using a servos.

Sensor building blocks can be purchased everywhere and consists of Arduinos, NRF24L01+ transceivers from Nordic Semiconductors and an open source communication library.

Comment Re:LMGTF (Score 1) 357

Dude, the Honda FCX Clarity is literally the first non-paid search result in "buy hydrogen car".

I ask about cars that I can go down to the dealer and "buy". Honda only lease the FCX

The SECOND link is about Hyundai shipping hydrogen cars LAST YEAR

The second for me is a HowStuffWorksPage. All the links for Hyundai are about their plans to launch their car next year.

Earlier, you said this:

as the engineering challenges there are much easier to get over than the mythical better battery.

Now you're saying this:

... and currently they are more advanced than hydrogen

If the engineering challenges for hydrogen are easier to get over than battery technology, then why are battery cars currently more advanced than hydrogen?

Because Musk, that's why.

Ahh, I see, so one man has come down from on high and sprinkled some magic dust over his cars, trumping the combined sum of all the research dollars pumped into hydrogen tech.

I posit that you, sir, are the "complete idiot". See how these ad hominem attacks work? Fun, aren't they :)

Comment Re:Vapor isn't real, Hydrogen cars are (Score 1) 357

You may want to check your tracking then, because there are very real hydrogen cars running around in California and quite a few fueling stations.

That is not vapor, any more than the tiny handful of all-electric cars actually sold is.

To prove your point, could you please name me a single make and model of car that I can walk down to the local dealer and purchase today? I've actually tried googling it and can't seem to find an answer. This article says that hydrogen cars will be on the road in 2015. However they also say that the cars will not be sold, they will be leased (because of the high cost).

You're saying that they're not vapor, but I can't find a shred of evidence to support your claim.

The use of hydrogen is inevitable, as the engineering challenges there are much easier to get over than the mythical better battery.

Telsa has just driven across the country in 72 hours. If your statement were true, why aren't we seeing similar headlines about all the hydrogen cars on the road today? It might be because there's only 10 hydrogen fueling stations in the US. The evidence says that they're solving the battery engineering challenges faster than the hydrogen ones.

Comment Re:Make solar available to everyone (Score 1) 776

Too much locally-generated energy is bad for the grid.

For a grid-tied domestic solar installation, for example, to push power back onto the grid, it must generate a voltage higher than the existing grid to push the power backwards. So what happens is that all the local solar installations are competing against each other to power the grid.

We need to re-think and re-design how power is delivered if our ultimate goal is to have every house generate its own electricity and use the grid as fallback


Comment Re:Missing Point (Score 1) 364

The Wankel rotary engine also had significantly fewer moving parts than a standard internal combustion engine, but a Mazda RX-7 was just as costly to maintain as any other car. Why? Because, it's not the moving parts in the engine that cause most of the maintenance costs, it's all the rest of them, like suspension, steering, brakes, air compressors, and the like.

I owned an RX7 (FD) for a number of years and beg to differ. All the maintenance costs were on the engine or ancillary systems.

I owned the car from 90k kms till about 150k kms. In that time I had an engine rebuild, replaced water pump, replaced all vacuum hoses (causing boost issues), multiple fuel filters (a pain in the ass to change because it sits above the rear axle).

Nothing else went wrong with the car. Ran like clockwork otherwise.

Comment Re:Step 1: Move to an expensive area (Score 1) 473

I'm guessing Canberra. It's a small/medium city (~370k residents), 45 minutes from great fresh-water fishing in the mountains. 2 hours from world-class fishing on the coast (Batemen's Bay, Bermagui - some of the best fishing in the world). International airport is exactly 3 hours away (Sydney Intl).

Great schools (being a government town). Low crime rate, etc, etc.

Oh, it's also a few hours away from the ski fields, too. He forgot to mention that.

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