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Comment: Re:Good grief... (Score 1) 681

by BancBoy (#49109465) Attached to: Bill Nye Disses "Regular" Software Writers' Science Knowledge

Many of them don't even understand how computers actually work.

Now that's actually depressing. If you get through a CS program without learning how a computer works, then your CS program failed you.

If you got through a CS program without learning how a computer works, then you and the program failed...

Comment: Re:Back in the day... (Score 1) 110

by BancBoy (#48591281) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Software To Revive PocketPCs With Windows Mobile 5-6?
Loved the Libretto back in the 90s. Paperback book sized portable workstation. Had a Ricochet Wireless modem hooked up. Road Warrior stuff! I remember running the Windows NT 5 Betas and then 2K on it. I even had it dual boot into BeOS. If memory serves, the trick around the proprietary floppy issue was that we used a PC Card controller hooked up to an external portable CD-ROM drive to install alternate operating systems.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 327

by BancBoy (#48400355) Attached to: Apple Disables Trim Support On 3rd Party SSDs In OS X

NeXT couldn't keep up with Intel and by the time Jobs caved in and went with his dual-architecture 68K/Intel binary format, it was too late.

Whilst Apple did have hybrid 68k/PPC binaries back in the 90s, and they did have hybrid PPC/Intel applications during the transition to Intel CPUs,.."68K/Intel binary format"?

Comment: Re:Speaking for myself (Score 2) 320

by BancBoy (#48066617) Attached to: The Era of Saturday Morning Cartoons Is Dead

In the mid 1990's the government mandated that children's programming be educational.

Did they really? I was under the impression that they mandated a certain amount of Educational/Informative Children's Programming be shown per week. Hence the Sunday morning cartoons in the time slot when the network didn't have any sporting event or important programming to show.

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